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Find The Best Walking Shoes for Europe in 2023 - A Comprehensive Guide

Experience Europe like never before with the best walking shoes. Designed for comfort and durability, these shoes are perfect for those long city strolls or countryside hikes. With water-resistant features and excellent cushioning, they ensure your European adventure is unforgettable!

Find The Best Walking Shoes for Europe in 2023 - A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you looking for the ideal pair of shoes to walk through cobblestone streets in Europe? Our helpful guide will provide advice on selecting the best walking shoes that have perfect comfort, support and style.

Learn more about factors to consider when buying your new footwear, as well as tips on breaking them into shape and caring for your investment, all designed specifically with those who are planning a trip to this beautiful continent in mind!

What's In This Post

  • Find the perfect walking shoes for your European trip with our list of top women’s and men’s styles, including comfy wear sneakers, supportive sandals & versatile slip-ons.
  • Consider comfort, support & suitability when selecting walking shoes for Europe + learn how to break in & care for them before you go.
  • Get tips on packing efficiently and shopping online to find the best pair of travel shoes!
  • Help to find stylish walking shoes for Europe

Top Women's Walking Shoes for Europe

Top Women's Walking Shoes for Europe

Discovering stylish walking shoes yet the most comfortable shoes for exploring European streets can be a challenge. We are here to provide assistance and make it easier by assembling a list of great women’s walking shoes designed specially with the cobblestone roads in mind! From comfy sneakers, reliable yet comfortable sandals to, to practical slip-ons, there is something just right for you.

Let’s take an extra look so that we find the ideal pair suited perfectly to your journey!

Comfortable Sneakers

When it comes to stylish and comfortable sneakers for women walking tour, New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 is a great pick! It has the perfect blend of style and support with its suede/mesh upper, ENCAP midsole, and rubber outsole. Plus they offer good cushioning so you won’t feel any discomfort while long-distance walking on cobblestone streets in Europe.

Another excellent choice for women and men's casual sneakers and athletic shoes are Allbirds Wool Runners since they are super comfy but not suitable for hot weather or moisture due to their lack of lining materials. On the other hand, Adidas Ultraboost features breathable mesh uppers combined with a responsive Boost midsole along with a durable rubber sole making them quite an attractive option too! The key thing when searching for walking shoes here is finding one that provides sufficient comfort as well as enough visual appeal so your feet stay looking fabulous during those extended walks through old town European cities.

With detailed and rigorous research, we provide our readers with the finest recommendations. Our recommendations are our opinions. Our cause is backed by reader support- for every click made through one of our affiliates links, a commission may be earned at no extra expense to you! As an Amazon Associate, Reviewsopedia may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you and enjoy!

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Supportive Sandals

For those warm days spent roaming around Europe, you may want to consider a supportive sandal instead of shoes. To get the perfect pair wear sandals for your adventure, check out our top picks: Teva Original Universal Sandals and Birkenstock Gizeh To ECCO Yucatan’s leather option. Not only will quality shoes they look fashionable but also provide great arch support with cushioning sole inserts as well as comfortable straps or toe loop that won’t leave any part of your foot sore from extended walks around town.

Bear in mind when selecting this type of footwear that it can be on the pricier side. Its worthiness is proven by how long-lasting and dependable it actually is. The deep heel cup offered through Birkenstocks offers additional comfort while having an all adjustable strap system which makes them practical for outdoor activities like hiking or exploring whatever city catches one’s eye! Lastly, if looking into the luxury lane don’t forget their signature cushioned soles designed by ECCO which make these ideal travel companions!

Versatile Slip-Ons

For those who are looking for comfortable and convenient slip-on walking shoes for travel, we have some great options! Dr. Scholl’s Madison Sneaker, Skechers Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe and Vionic Splendid Kani Slip-on all provide superior comfort while traveling Europe.

The Madison features a breathable upper mesh with cushioning insole and reliable rubber outsole to give you grip on slippery surfaces. Perfect if your itinerary is filled with sightseeing adventures this trip! The Skecher’s option also offers the same benefits as new balance shoes but comes equipped with an added midsole cushioning too - meaning that no matter how long or far you walk, your feet will be safe inside these comfy shoes. Last up is the stylish yet practical Kani from Vionic which supplies both support and padding so you can move freely throughout even more hectic days abroad without having any problems while walking around.

These functional footwear pieces offer versatility as they bridge style into day activities seamlessly through night ones making them ideal when discovering different places across Europe at varying hours of each day – just slide into them hassle free for effortless exploration every step of the way!

Top Men's Walking Shoes for Europe

Top Men's Walking Shoes for Europe

Gentlemen, rest assured that we haven’t forgotten about you! If you’re looking for stylish walking shoes to wear while in Europe, then let us help. We have a great selection of stylish sneakers comfortable walking sandals, casual boots and durable hiking shoes with both comfort and style.

Let’s take a closer look at the top men’s European walking shoe options so that you can find just what your adventure needs. From lightweight yet resilient trainers to hardy high-tops, our most comfortable walking shoe collection has it all when it comes to getting prepared for travelling on foot abroad.

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Stylish Sneakers

For those men looking for a stylish yet extremely comfortable option of sneakers to take on their European journey, we suggest the following: ECCO Soft 7 with its leather upper and removable insole. Adidas NMD_R1 which is breathable and has Boost midsole, or Nike shoes such as Nike Air Max 270 React featuring mesh upper for lightness plus a responsive foam midsole. All these shoes guarantee support and keep your feet comfortable as well as fashionable while walking through cobblestone streets.

In terms of buying the best women’s walking shoes that offer great comfort during long walks on such terrains, investing in high quality ones like those from Nike has proved effective. With ample cushioning along with style, they make it possible to stay comfortable even when wearing them throughout your trip! Lastly, opting for ankle boots instead same shoes and sneakers always guarantees maximum ease no matter where you go so don’t forget this necessary piece among your packing list essentials.

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Durable Hiking Shoes

If you’re going to be tackling different types of terrain on your European holiday, then investing in a durable pair of hiking shoes is essential. For our durable hiking shoes selections, our top picks for best walking shoes for europe and best shoes for men are: the Merrell Moab 2 and the Merrell Moab 3. Vent which has an incredibly strong design with mesh upper and comfortable footbed, ideal for long hikes, KEEN Targhee III features waterproof breathable membrane that will give comfort while travelling rough terrain, and Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX provides protection from Gore-Tex plus great traction with its solid outsole.

The same applies when choosing women’s hiking boots or sportswear footwear as their durability and support offer optimal performance over varying terrains. The best suggestions for women and men's hiking boots, would includeKEEN Targhee III with its water repellent properties, excellent cushioning and good fit ; also take into considerationSalomon X Ultra 3 GTX boasting lightweight construction, impeccable rain defence due to Gore Tex coating along superior foothold even on tough trails.

These particular pieces may add some extra weight compared to everyday trainers, but given how reliable they can be during outdoor excursions, it is certainly worth making this investment if planning an itinerary across Europe.

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Casual Boots

For men who want a casual and comfortable hiking boot for their European trip, we have some excellent recommendations. The Clarks Desert Boot features a soft leather upper which provides comfort. It may need wearing-in time though and not the ideal choice under extreme warm weather conditions. Timberland Earthkeeper Originals boast sustainable materials along with its cushioned insole to offer maximum support while staying fashionable. These boots can take longer to break in, so be wary of really bad temperatures when choosing them! Dr Martens 1460 are famous among fashionistas everywhere thanks to durability as well as style plus they come equipped with extra cushioning on the inside although you’d still require breaking them into your feet before using if you don’t wish discomfort from new shoes during walking tours around Europe. All three options listed here should make great choices for gentlemen looking for something informal yet supportive but sturdy enough no matter what adventures might arise!

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Walking Shoes for Europe

When it comes to your dress shoes and finding the best walking shoes for your European trip, comfort and support for wide feet should be paramount. Shoes that provide good arch support and cushioning will ensure maximum comfort during long walks or sightseeing tours.

Take into account which activities you’ll undertake as well as the climate of each destination. For example hiking boots may work better if there are certain terrains on your travels whereas sandals waterproof boots would suit city exploration more appropriately. Waterproof footwear is necessary in wetter climates while light breathable materials are ideal when temperatures rise.

Ultimately selecting comfortable walking shoes tailored for Europe needs to have a balance between style, practicality and being mindful of ensuring that feet stay content throughout trips!

How to Break In and Care for Your Walking Shoes

To ensure optimum comfort on your excursion to Europe, it’s essential that you break in the new walking and running shoes well before leaving. Here are some methods for doing this:

  1. Wear them at home a week or two before your vacation so they can conform and adjust to your feet which will ward off any issues with soreness or blisters while away from home.
  2. Keeping them clean and well-maintained is key for prolonging their longevity and remaining comfortable when worn regularly throughout the trip overseas .
  3. Making sure that proper support is given during all travel by investing in quality inserts may also prove helpful especially if you anticipate being active most of day time hours..
  4. Caring not just about the condition of shoes, but taking into account foot fatigue as well would keep both footwear safe and prevent tired feet after long walks. Breaks must be taken where needed!

These tips should help achieve maximum satisfaction while out traveling because having broken-in plus properly maintained walking shoesand being attentive towards necessary rest provides an overall more enjoyable experience through Europe void of distress concerning aches experienced due to overly used inappropriate street ware!

Packing Tips for Travel Shoes

When getting ready for a trip to Europe, it is important to pack your shoes carefully so you have enough room in your bag. Bring three or four pairs of shoes that can be used for different activities. Put them in separate bags or wrap them in plastic so they don't get mixed up with your clothes. Put socks inside any flexible shoes like ballet flats or sneakers to keep their shape during the trip. Put your shoes at the bottom of your bag. This will help stop them from getting crushed and give you more space. If you pack your shoes this way, they won't get damaged while on the trip. Plus, you can have different shoes to match different activities!

Shoe Shopping Tips for Online Purchases

When it comes to selecting the ideal shoes for your upcoming European excursion, internet shopping can be quite intimidating. To ease this process, try locating sites that provide no-cost delivery and returns so you are able to evaluate multiple sizes and patterns without spending extra money. If buying from a reliable store, read customer reviews in order to get an idea about how snug or cozy any given style of shoe might be before committing.

Before ordering anything online Remember measure feet correctly then check the size chart provided by the vendor before placing orders to make sure everything fits okay when they arrive at home! It’s important to do this on a clean surface inside though since certain surfaces may cause damage if not careful with putting them back into their respective packaging as well.

By following these easy tips while looking around for quality walking shoes online, you will have a much better chance success in finding the perfect pair fit preferences every step throughout your journey through beautiful Europe!


Finding walking shoes suitable for a European trip is all about the ideal blend of comfort, style and practicality. To ensure your feet stay cozy while strolling along cobblestone streets during long walks on your journey, look into options that provide support such as sandals or slip-ons but also think about whether they are stylish shoe versatile enough to suit different climates you may encounter throughout your travels. Opting for quality footwear with stylish sneakers can help guarantee that any treks you embark upon will be both comfortable and fashionable experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to wear white sneakers in Europe?

When visiting Europe, white and black sneakers are a very comfortable shoe option for tourists who want to be able to enjoy their trip in comfort. For the ladies out there, wearing heels on cobblestoned streets is something that many European women do often - so it’s perfectly OK if you decide to go with this classic look while traveling!

White sneakers are a good choice for any style. They won't stand out too much. They are perfect when exploring a new city. You can move around easily and quickly in them. You can also blend in with the locals by wearing them on your vacation! Be sure to pack your white sneakers before you go!

How many pairs of shoes should I pack for my European trip?

For your European trip, make sure to pack a few pairs of shoes that are comfortable enough for walking around cities but also suitable for more active activities such as hiking or cycling. Don’t forget to include flip-flops in case you want to take advantage of the beaches during your stay! Three or four options should be sufficient and try bringing versatile items too.

What types of shoes are best for walking on cobblestone streets in Europe?

If you are walking on the cobblestone streets of Europe, make sure your shoes are comfortable. Choose shoes with a soft top, cushioning inside, and a flexible bottom. This will help you have an enjoyable time!

How can I break in my new walking shoes before my European trip?

Put on your new shoes at home before you set off. Wear them for a while to avoid having sore feet or blisters on your journey. This will help make sure that you have an enjoyable trip.

What should I consider when choosing walking shoes for Europe?

When picking shoes to wear while traveling in Europe, pick ones that are comfortable and supportive. Look for shoes with good arch support and cushioning. If it might be wet outside, make sure the sole has a good grip so you don't slip. Think about the weather. Choose shoes that let air in and keep water out so they will work in any situation. With these tips, you can pick the right shoes for walking around Europe and have a great trip!

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