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3 Best Budget Hiking Shoes for Your Next Adventure!

Ready to hit the trails but on a tight budget? Look no further than our selection of top-notch hiking shoes. Crafted for comfort and quality, you can trust these hiking shoes to keep your feet happy without breaking the bank. Enjoy all that nature has to offer without sacrificing quality!

Best Budget Hiking Shoes

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Planning a hiking adventure can be daunting and expensive, especially with all the gear you need to ensure the trek is safe and enjoyable. One of the most important pieces of equipment you need for hiking is a pair of quality shoes or hiking footwear that are both comfortable and durable.

Investing in budget-friendly hiking shoes can help alleviate some financial stress while providing long-lasting protection against intermittent trails and tough terrains when outfitting yourself for your next outdoor venture.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just getting started on exploring nature, this post will cover which budget hiking shoe styles offer high performance without breaking the bank.

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How We Choose The Best Budget Hiking Shoes

We know that the key to an enjoyable hiking experience revolves around the right gear. That's why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you find the best budget hiking shoes for your next adventure.

We understand that everyone has different needs and budgets for outdoor excursions as well as different footwear needs. That's why we take a detailed approach to evaluate various models of budget hiking shoes currently on the market.

We look at every aspect of each shoe, from its construction materials to its fit, comfort level, breathability, durability, traction, and water resistance. We also consider customer feedback from Amazon so you can ensure our information is accurate and reliable.

At the end of our analysis, we compile our findings so you can decide which is best for you. We’re confident that with this guide, you will find the best budget hiking shoes to take your next outdoor journey to the next level. So get ready for your adventure and check out our list of the best budget hiking shoes!

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Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

Merrell mens Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

This shoe is best for light to moderate trails and will provide great traction on wet surfaces. Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe is perfect for those looking for a high-quality and affordable hiking shoe. It has all the features to stay comfortable, safe, and dry on your next outdoor adventure


Why It Made Our List

The Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe is a great budget-friendly option for any hiker looking for long-lasting protection on the trail. Crafted with durable leather, mesh, and traditional lacing, this shoe offers excellent breathability and comfort in all weather conditions.

The Bellows' tongue keeps dirt and things out of your shoes. The rubber toe cap keeps rocks and other things from hurting your feet. The reinforced heel cushioning gives you some support. The Merrell Air Cushion makes it more comfortable to walk on bumpy ground. The lightweight EVA foam midsole makes it very comfy when you are walking a long time. The rubber sole helps you not slip when walking on slippery surfaces. The Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe is perfect for hikers of all experience levels seeking quality, budget-friendly shoes on the trail.

Everything You Need To Know About It

The Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe is a great choice for budget-conscious hikers looking for quality and value. The leather and mesh upper provide breathability and comfort while protecting the foot from debris. Traditional lace closure ensures a secure fit for any terrain you may encounter.

A protective toe cap of the shoe protects your feet from bumps and bruises along the journey, whereas, Breathable mesh lining keeps your feet cool and dry while you trek. The removable insole helps support your arch and cushions your heel when you are walking around.

The shoe has special material under the arch of your foot that helps make it stable. There is also a cushion in the heel of the shoe to help absorb shock when you are walking or hiking. The foam in the middle of the shoe makes it comfortable and supportive on uneven surfaces.

The rubber sole gives grip and traction to keep you steady even on slippery slopes, and the Durable construction ensures long-lasting wear, making this shoe the perfect value for money.

If you're looking for a pair of budget-friendly hiking shoes that provide long-lasting protection and comfort, then the Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe is certainly a winner. With their various features and durable construction, these shoes will keep your feet happy while you take on all kinds of terrains.

Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-TEX Hiking Shoes

Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-TEX Hiking Shoes for Men

The Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-TEX Hiking Shoes are best for anyone looking for an affordable, waterproof, breathable pair of hiking shoes. With their Descent Control Technology and long-lasting design, these shoes will help you easily tackle any terrain.
Whether you’re a beginner or a pro hiker, these shoes are the perfect investment for any outdoor enthusiast looking for a reliable, budget-friendly pair of hiking shoes


Why It Made Our List

These shoes provide all the features of more expensive models without breaking the bank, including waterproof fabric, durable construction, and advanced Descent Control Technology to help ensure your safety on technical descents and in wet conditions.

The comfortable mid-top design is built for maximum traction and protection on any terrain. This hiking shoe is the perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure, providing comfort and long-lasting reliability without breaking the bank.

How They Can Help You

These are waterproof hiking shoes protecting from wet conditions and extra durable construction for traversing tough terrains. The unique Descent Control Technology ensures maximum surface traction and provides better control during descents.

This shoe also offers comfort and breathability, allowing you to explore for hours without worrying about sore feet or blisters. Lastly, the shoes are designed for both men and women so that everyone can find the perfect fit for their outdoor needs.

With Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-TEX Hiking Shoes, you can have the protection and comfort needed for any activity.

Adidas Men's Terrex Ax3 Trail Running Shoe

adidas Outdoor Men's Terrex Ax3 Hiking Boot

The adidas Men's Terrex Ax3 Trail Running Shoe is the perfect budget friendly hiking shoe for various outdoor activities, from camping and backpacking to mountaineering and day hikes. Its lightweight construction, rubber sole, and Continental Rubber outsole provide support and traction no matter what kind of terrain you encounter


Why It Made Our List

The adidas Terrex Ax3 Trail Running Shoe stands out as a popular budget-friendly option for hikers. It features a breathable mesh, a synthetic upper for optimal airflow and comfort, toe box and an EVA midsole with lightweight cushioning. The Continental rubber outsole is designed to provide outstanding traction in both wet and dry conditions.

It also has a sleek design, making it a great choice for casual wear. Overall, the adidas Terrex Ax3 Trail Running Shoe is an excellent budget-friendly option that will provide hikers with the protection and comfort they need to make their next outdoor adventure successful.

How They Can Help You

These are lightweight hiking shoes ideal for hikes or runs on varied terrain, making them suitable for both experienced and novice hikers. Its breathable mesh and synthetic upper provide superior ventilation, which keeps your feet cool during strenuous activities.

The shoe has an EVA midsole that offers a cushioning effect with every step, ensuring your feet are protected from shock and stress. The EVA midsole cushions the contact between the foot and the ground, helping reduce fatigue during long hikes or runs.

The Continental Rubber shoe outsole is engineered to grip the ground with extreme traction, providing stability in wet or dry conditions. The adidas Terrex Ax3 Trail Running Shoe is designed for an optimal fit, as it adjusts to the natural shape of your foot. The shoe is snug but not too tight to restrict movement and cause discomfort.

Its lacing system allows users to tighten or loosen the shoes for an adjustable fit, making them comfortable for extended use. The outsole grip ensures superior traction on any terrain, offering reliable support when navigating slippery surfaces or rocky grounds.

It can be used as running and cheap hiking boots, providing multi-purpose functionality that meets all your needs in one durable package.


What regular shoes are good for hiking?

No matter how comfortable and durable your regular and cheap hiking shoes might seem, they won't be able to provide the same protection as a pair of quality hiking shoes. Regular shoes may fit comfortably but will not support you in difficult terrains or against any potential hazards that could arise on your adventure.

Are running shoes OK for hiking?

Running shoes offer a lot of cushion and comfort, but they are usually not ideal for hiking. While running shoes may provide adequate grip on smooth surfaces, their rubber sole is often too thin to protect your feet from rocks, sticks, and other trail debris.

Opt for the best hiking shoes to ensure maximum safety and stability when trekking through uneven terrain.

Should hiking shoes be light or heavy?

When choosing the right hiking shoes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The weight of your shoes should depend on the type of hiking you plan to do and what kind of terrain you expect to encounter.

Generally, heavier and more robust budget-friendly hiking boots and shoes are best for tough terrains, while lighter budget hiking boots and shoes are better suited for easier trails. Consider your options carefully to ensure you get the right shoes for your adventure.

Are sneakers good hiking shoes?

Sneakers may offer plenty of cushion and support, but they are not designed for the same type of protection quality hiking shoes provide. Sneakers often lack the durability and traction necessary for tackling trails and difficult terrain, so opting for a pair of budget-friendly hiking shoes is a much better choice for outfitting yourself for your next outdoor adventure.

What is the difference between hiking and trekking shoes?

Hiking shoes are usually lightweight and comfortable, with decent cushioning and support. They provide a good grip on slippery surfaces and offer enough durability and protection to handle tougher terrains. On the other hand, trekking shoes offer more robust protection with a much sturdier construction that can handle any challenging terrain.

They are usually heavier and bulkier than hiking shoes but offer much more support and stability for rocky paths or wet surfaces.

Should you buy a size bigger in hiking shoes?

Choosing the right size is important when investing in quality hiking shoes or hiking boot. Generally, it would be best to opt for a half-size bigger than your regular shoes to provide ample room for your toes on long treks.

This will also help with the extra layers of socks you may need for extra warmth or protection, so consider those when purchasing.

Do hiking shoes hurt at first?

Breaking in a pair of new hiking shoes can take some time and may cause discomfort as you wear them. However, after a few wears and using hiking socks, your shoes should feel more comfortable and protect outdoor adventures.

Are boots or sports shoes better for hiking?

The better option for hiking depends on the type of terrain you plan to tackle. Hiking boots are usually heavier and more robust, providing ample protection against rocks and sticks on difficult trails.

On the other hand, sports shoes offer lightweight cushioning with enough grip to handle slippery surfaces and easier paths.

How long do hiking shoes or boots last?

The longevity of your hiking shoes will depend largely on the frequency and type of use. Generally, a best-budget hiking boots pair can last 500 to 1,500 miles before replacing them. To extend your shoes' life, take proper care of them.

How often should you wash your hiking shoes?

To ensure maximum durability and longevity of your hiking shoes, it is recommended to clean them after each use. This will help remove any dirt or debris that may be stuck in the grooves and crevices of the shoe, helping to extend its lifespan.


With the right knowledge of what type of shoe is best based on terrain and environment, comfortability, quality, and budget, you are now well-equipped to select a budget hiking shoe that meets your needs. From the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe to the Adidas Men's Terrex Ax3 Trail Running Shoes, our top three picks for the best budget hiking shoes provide practicality, durability, and comfort. With any of these choices, you can boldly head out into nature, knowing you are supported by rugged comfort and breathability.

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