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Everyone Loves These 8 Best Shoes for Kayaking

Are you looking for the perfect shoe to wear while kayaking? Search no more! We’ve done the work for you & reviewed 8 of the best shoes for kayaking. With our detailed list of features, it will be easy to find a pair that perfectly fits your needs, style, budget—and not least important: feet.

best shoes for kayaking

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Looking for a pair of kayaking shoes now that warm weather is upon us? Don't worry, you've certainly come to the right place! In this comprehensive blog post, we will review and discuss the five best pairs available now.

We'll consider their comfortability and type of material used when presenting our top choices. Plus, those who are just starting out with kayaking can rest assure that we have also included some helpful tips that were designed to provide guidance in choosing the right shoe to suit your individual needs and wants.

So, no matter if you're a water sport novice or you've been conquering lakes and rivers for years, it's worth taking a look at what we have to say here about the finest recommended kayak water shoes and what they have to offer

How We Choose Kayaking Shoes

Choosing the right footwear is vital to your experience, which is why our team commits countless hours of research regarding wearing shoes. After studying each customer review and analyzing hundreds of relevant data points, we create an effective database to make sure you’re confident in your purchase.

No stone is left unturned — guaranteeing decision efficiency and value for money! We provide transparency into every shoe and every customer viewpoint, allowing you a peace of mind anything purchased from Amazon.

With thorough attention to detail and comprehensive research abilities, our team will assist you in finding the best piece of footwear including warm weather gear.

With detailed and rigorous research, we provide our readers with the finest recommendations. Our recommendations are our opinions. Our cause is backed by reader support- for every click made through one of our affiliates links, a commission may be earned at no extra expense to you! As an Amazon Associate, Reviewsopedia may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you and enjoy!

VIFUUR Water Sports Kayaking Shoe

Best Kayaking Shoe for Kayak Fishing

Why They Made Our List

The VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes are perfect for men and women who want to go diving, snorkeling, or surfing. They are made from lightweight and breathable materials that will dry quickly. This will keep you comfortable in any water condition while also protecting your feet.

The arch in the inner sole of these shoes is a good shape for foot support, and anti-slip technology ensures your feet stay in place. Furthermore, a rubber sole cushions hard surfaces such as rocks or walls to prevent bruising. With its convenient slip-on style you can quickly transition from one activity to another without missing a beat!

These shoes are perfect for whatever water sport comes your way - kayaking on the lake or racing paddleboards - keeping you comfortable and dry all day long!

How They Can Help You

The VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes are perfect for kayaking. They are made with quick-dry fabric and have a lot of padding. This will keep your feet cool and dry while you are kayaking. You can also slip them on and off easily when you need to.

L-RUN Athletic Kayaking Shoe

Best Light weight Kayaking Shoes

Why They Made Our List

Do you need a reliable yet stylish shoe to wear while exploring the great outdoors, or even just running errands? Look no further than L-RUN Athletic Water Shoes. These shoes were designed to be durable and comfortable, making them perfect for both outdoor activities and everyday life.

The breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool, allowing them to stay dry in the summer heat. While the adjustable straps provide support and stability that will keep your feet feeling refreshed after long days of active adventuring. Plus, this shoe has a specialty grip sole that gives you plenty of traction when you need it most on wet surfaces - making it a top choice for kayakers who are looking for something with quality and performance features.

Don't let an inadequate shoe ruin your adventures - choose L-RUN Athletic Water Shoes today!

How They Can Help You

Enjoy the best of both worlds with L-RUN Athletic Water Shoes! Whether you're going for a walk on an uneven path, or taking a dip in your kayak, this shoe is the best of both worlds: designed to be lightweight and accurate, it serves as a perfect walking and water shoe.

The upper part brings comfortability and breathability to any terrain, while the protective sole ensures that your feet stay comfortable even during long hikes. This versatile shoe provides complete protection combined with superior traction — best of all, they transition seamlessly between activities so you can easily move from land to water without worry. Perfect for anyone who wants a lightweight and reliable alternative to theirs shoes when venturing outdoors!

Mishansha Water Shoes

Best Adjustable Kayaking Shoes

Why They Made Our List

Mishansha Water Shoes are the perfect footwear for your next kayaking adventure. These comfortable shoes feature a lightweight and breathable mesh design that keeps your feet cool no matter how long you’re on the water.

And since they have a sole made from rubber, you can be sure of maximum grip on slippery surfaces and rocks. Plus, with an adjustable strap system that gives you a snug fit, these shoes will stay secure even during an active paddle session.

With Mishansha Water Shoes, you’ll be ready to tackle any lake, river, or ocean!

How They Can Help You

Mishansha water shoes are the best shoe for water-based activities like kayaking. Through their combination of breathability, traction, and comfort, these shoes ensure that your feet remain comfortable and secure when you're in the water.

The shoes feature a lightweight design that won't add extra weight to your ankles when wet, making it easy to float on top of the waves without feeling weighed down. Additionally, they boast an anti-slip sole which helps provide ample grip while ensuring no debris gets onto your feet while paddling or wading in shallow waters.

With a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles available, Mishansha is sure to have something fit for any water enthusiast's needs.

SOBASO Kayaking Shoe

Best Kayaking Shoes for Rocky Shores

Why They Made Our List

Are you an avid kayaker in search of the best and most reliable shoes for your water sport adventures? Look no further than the SOBASO Water Shoes Women Men! Constructed with high-quality materials, including a breathable quick-drying fabric and rubber sole, these shoes were expertly designed to keep your feet comfortable and safe while you kayak. A range of sizes and colors guarantee the perfect fit and look for any explorer. The SOBASO Water Shoes provide ultimate protection against the elements with their anti-skid design. Slip resistant, great grip, and protection from cuts or abrasions ensure that your feet will remain safe during extended periods of time around water. Plus, they are lightweight, so if you become too hot while out exploring on the lake or ocean, they're easy to take on and off as needed. So no matter what kind of adventure you're embarking on — the SOBASO Water Shoes are up to the challenge!

How They Can Help You

If you're looking for the best shoes for your next kayaking adventure, look no further than SOBASO Water Shoes! These lightweight and stylish shoes are designed with breathable mesh material, keeping your feet well ventilated throughout your activity.

The rubber sole is designed to provide extra comfort as you make your way through the rocky shoreline. With a quick drying feature, your shoes won't stay soggy after a paddle in the water. Plus, the shoe's sleek design is perfect for any water sport activities such as diving, swimming, and sailing!

So don't hesitate before choosing SOBASO Water Shoes this summer - they're best suited for every action-filled water adventure!

UBFEN Kayaking Shoe

Best Multi Purpose Water Shoes

Why They Made Our List

If you’re looking for the ideal kayaking shoes, look no further than UBFEN Water Shoes. Perfectly crafted with an adventurous spirit in mind, these shoes feature quick-dry materials, drainage and grip features to make your time out on the water even more enjoyable.

Make sure to take advantage of their upriver capabilities too so that you can make each moment count! The UBFEN water shoes are very comfortable and perfect for anyone who wants to experience nature. These water shoes have a rugged sole that is great for boating, fishing, diving, or surfing.

You will never have to worry about slipping or getting wet feet thanks to its ergonomic shape that allows for maximum maneuverability. Get your UBFEN Water Shoe now!

How They Can Help You

The UBFEN Water Shoes are the best shoes to wear for any water activities, such as boating, fishing, diving, surfing or kayaking. They are made with quick-dry fabric and rubber so your feet will not get wet. The holes in the soles help the water go out so you can wear them all day.

UBFEN's Water Shoes will help you keep your grip and not fall. They are made from lightweight materials that are also very strong. You can use them in any water - from kayaking to swimming! With these shoes, you don't need to worry about slipping or losing balance; UBFEN's Water Shoes provide superior support every step of the way.

Crocs Classic Clogs

Best Croc For Kayaking

Why They Made Our List

If you are looking for the best footwear to bring along on your kayaking adventures, the Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clogs are for you! These amazing clogs provide both comfortable cushioning and complete protection from the elements.

The Croslite™ foam construction makes them incredibly lightweight, yet provides cushioning, support and long-lasting comfort with every step. The ventilation holes help to keep your feet extra cool in warmer temperatures, plus ensure your feet can breathe as you go explore.

These clogs have proven themselves time and time again when it comes to outdoor activities, making them the perfect choice for kayakers. With a non-slip sole they will protect you from slipping on wet surfaces while their signature Crocs Comfort ensures that your feet will remain comfortable even after a long day of paddling.

Best of all, they are completely water-resistant so not only can you wear them in wet conditions but also when wading ashore to explore different parts of the river bank.

Whether you’re looking for an additional layer of protection in chilly waters or just want something practical and comfortable on board - get ready for the next adventure with our Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog!

How They Can Help You

The Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clogs are a lightweight and comfortable shoe that provide countless benefits, especially if you're into water activities or sports. They are specifically designed to offer plenty of foot comfort, protection, and traction while you’re out in the water.

The EVA foam material make them shock absorbent, allowing you to handle rough terrain with ease. The best part is that they also feature drainage ports, perfect for faster drying time when kayaking or other aquatic endeavors. Highly cushioning but lightweight—these shoes have been called the best shoe for kayaking and outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

Get ready to take on any venture with a trusty pair of Crocs Classic Clogs!

Joomra Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes

Best Barefoot Minimalist Shoe For Kayaking

Why They Made Our List

Introducing the Joomra Women's Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes: designed to help you experience peformance without the bulk of traditional running shoes. Built with rubber soles for unbeatable traction and durability, these shoes make sure that your feet have the support they need no matter what terrain or conditions you’re facing.

The removable insoles provide support while transferring weight over the ball of the foot, and are breathable enough to reduce any excess pressure on your foot. As an added safety feature, reflective strips on the heel counter ensure visibility during nighttime exercise.

To achieve maximum freedom of movement, these minimalist shoes offer a thicker topline that wraps perfectly around feet while minimizing friction. This combined with circular lug patterns provides grip during movement and stability, giving you all the control you need in terms of speed, agility, and precision.

Whether it’s for running trails or kayaking, Joomra Women's Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes are perfect for taking any type of sporting activity to new heights. Get ready to experience a new level of performance with Joomra!

How They Can Help You

Joomra Women's Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes are the best footgear for those who love to kayak. Made from a lightweight and breathable fabric blend, these shoes help keep your feet cool and dry regardless of the weather.

THE unique design of the soles allows for superior traction, allowing you to tackle any terrain with confidence. Joomra's one-of-a-kind barefoot construction keeps your feet close to the ground and provides unbeatable comfort when walking, running, or taking a leisurely stroll around a lake or river.

Best of all, they're designed with sustainability in mind and crafted to last against constant use in wet or humid environments - meaning they're perfect for kayaking!

WateLves-Water Shoes

Best Colorful Water Shoes For Kayaking

Why They Made Our List

Introducing WateLves-Water Shoes for Men and Women, the perfect footwear choice for a variety of outdoor activities. With this protective aqua sock, you can feel comfortable and secure as you explore water sports like kayaking, boating, hiking, surfing, and walking.

The lightweight shoes are designed to fit close to your foot and stretch in order to provide maximum flexibility while still offering maximum protection in wet conditions. The quick-dry material keeps your feet dry while the spongy soles provide extra comfort and strong grip without feeling bulky or cumbersome.

The WateLves-Water Shoes Footwear is perfect for any athlete looking for physical activities near or on water. Whether you’re embarking on an adventure out on an open lake or tackling white waters in your kayak; these shoes give you much needed security against cuts and scrapes as well as unrivaled acrobatic flexibility that allows you perform at your optimum level of action capabilities. And when land encounters are called for, our eco-friendly shoes transition swiftly from wet to dry with minimal bother or effort - leaving you free to take on whatever environment comes your way!

Get maximum performance from the WateLves-Water Shoes today - guaranteed not only furnish impressive comfort but also bring great peace of mind!

How They Can Help You

WateLves-Water Shoes are designed with kayakers in mind. Their extra grip, lightweight design, and breathability not only keep your feet safe when out on the water but help you maintain a steady performance level throughout your break.

The soft EVA materiel keeps the shoe flexible to accommodate any changing terrain and weather conditions while neoprene helps protect from heat and sharp objects. And best of all, WateLves-Water Shoes come equipped with drainage holes so your shoes will dry quickly after being in the water!

So if you're looking for the best shoe for kayaking, look no further than WateLves-Water Shoes!

Best Shoes For Kayaking FAQ's

What do you wear when you go kayaking?

When it comes to kayaking, what you wear is just as important as what kind of kayak you’re using. The right clothing can help keep you comfy and safe on the water, so it pays to be prepared.

The most important item in your kayaking wardrobe is a Personal Floatation Device (PFD). PFDs are designed to keep your head above water if you capsize or fall out of your boat. Make sure the PFD fits correctly - it should sit snugly against your chest and waist when tightened properly. You can find a variety of types and sizes for different activities, from recreational use up to whitewater rapids.

You'll also want something comfortable that will stay dry while paddling in wet conditions - like quick-drying nylon or synthetic fabrics with breathable properties such as spandex blends are great options for paddlers looking for lightweight protection on the water. Clothing items such as shorts or rashguards made from these materials will provide UV protection while allowing your skin to breathe during long days out on the lake or riverside. Don't forget sun hats and sunglasses! They'll both help protect you from the elements while keeping visibility clear on the open waters.

For footwear, try nonslip shoes such as neoprene booties or water shoes that provide support while protecting feet against rocks, shells, and other sharp objects in areas with shallow or rocky shorelines; step-in models are ideal for day trips where quick entry/exit may be necessary throughout the course of an outing.

Finally don’t forget about a pair of gloves--they give extra grip to paddle shafts when hands become wet! With all these tips taken into consideration before hitting the water, you're ready enjoy all that kayaking has tooffer!

Should I wear sneakers or sandals kayaking?

When it comes to kayaking, choosing the right footwear is essential. The type of shoes you wear can have a significant impact on your performance, safety and comfort in the water. While sandals may provide more breathability than traditional closed-toed sneakers, they typically offer less traction and protection from rocks or debris.

On the other hand, sneakers are typically better for providing stability and traction in the water without sacrificing comfort. That's why we recommend Water Shoes. They are a cross between a sneaker and a sandal and provide the grip you need and the protection from the rock, sand and debris you may encounter while your feet are submerged. They provide plenty of protection, are lightweight yet sturdy enough to handle the job of kayaking.

Do you wear shoes when kayaking?

The short answer to this question is that it depends on the type of kayaking you are doing and on personal preference.

For most recreational kayaking, foot protection is not necessary as long as you don't plan to drag your feet in the water or touch bottom while paddling. You will want a pair of shoes if the waters are cold so that your feet stay warm and dry throughout the activity, but otherwise footwear can generally be avoided with no adverse effects.

However, for more vigorous activities like whitewater kayaking or extended ocean paddling sessions, having some kind of footwear such as water shoes can help protect your feet from both fatigue and potential cuts/scrapes/injuries caused by rocks or debris you may encounter in rougher waters. If you fall into a river while kayaking, shoes also give added protection against contact with cold water or underwater obstacles like roots and rocks.

When considering what type of shoe to wear when kayaking it's important to think about how much mobility and grip you need compared to comfort and durability - especially if you'll be traversing shallow areas where contact with sharp objects is likely.

Waterproof sandals are usually best for keeping your feet light weight yet protected due to their lightweight construction and thick sole material which safeguards against cuts from beneath surface rocks & logs; however they may not provide suitable levels of traction needed for tackling choppy rivers with strong currents.

Traditional hiking shoes or boots typically give better grip but lack breathability which could make them uncomfortable after extended periods in wet environments and can get heavy when wet and drag you under if capsized so they are not recommended.

Ultimately it depends on what kind of conditions you expect to encounter during your time on the water – so evaluate carefully before selecting a pair of shoes specifically designed for use in wet environments!

Do you get wet when kayaking?

Yes, you can get wet when kayaking. The amount of water you take on depends largely on the type of kayak and the environment that you are in. If you’re in open seas, chances are that you will get wet due to waves and splash from the paddle.

Similarly if your chosen activity includes frequent capsizing or whitewater rafting then it is almost certain that you will become soaked! Even if your surroundings are relatively calm and still, paddling through a body of water can cause droplets to form where your paddle enters and exits the water - leaving even seasoned kayakers with a few drops after each stroke!

To ensure that your time spent on the water isn’t too soggy, it is essential to wear suitable clothing for kayaking. This generally consists of looser layers made from wicking fabric which helps move moisture away from your skin - creating a comfortable climate between yourself and whatever craft you choose!

Wetsuits can also be beneficial when venturing off into colder climates as these provide an extra layer against hypothermia whilst keeping out any excess moisture that could otherwise make an uncomfortable trip.

Lastly don’t forget about footwear – sturdy shoes such as slip-on sandals, water shoes or closed trainers are ideal for providing grip whilst helping protect against cuts or splinters often present around waterways while hiking shoes should be avoided as they are to heavy if you capsize.

What should a beginner wear kayaking?

For a beginner who is just starting out kayaking, choosing the right clothing and gear is essential for having an enjoyable experience.

When picking out clothes to wear kayaking, you should first consider the climate and weather conditions. If it’s warm and sunny outside, then lightweight shorts and a T-shirt will be fine. However, if it’s cold or wet outside, you may want to bring layered clothing such as long underwear with a waterproof outer layer on top. It also helps to bring along extra layers in case the weather changes throughout your trip.

In terms of footwear specifically, it’s best to wear shoes that are waterproof like water shoes or sandals with neoprene socks (which provide insulation). This type of footwear will prevent your feet from becoming wet or chilled when getting in and out of the water. When walking over rocks onshore too, closed-toe shoes can offer greater protection against possible scrapes or cuts than flip flops would.

It’s worth investing in technical outdoor garments made from materials designed for outdoor activities since they tend to be more breathable than regular fabrics and keep you comfortable regardless of whether it‘s hot or cold outside. Additionally, wearing sunglasses can help protect your eyes from UV rays when paddling all day long!

What should you not wear while kayaking?

When it comes to preparing for a kayaking adventure, the right clothing and gear are essential. Although there are no hard and fast rules of what not to wear while kayaking, there are certain items that should be avoided or replaced with more appropriate items.

First and foremost, avoid wearing any loose-fitting clothes while kayaking. Loose-fitting clothing can easily become tangled or caught in the paddles or other equipment, creating a potential safety hazard. In addition, baggy clothes will get wet quickly – making them heavy and uncomfortable – so make sure to opt for something snug fitting instead. A breathable material like polyester is ideal since it stays light even if it does get wet during your excursion.

Also important is the type of shoes you choose to wear while out on the water. Ideally, opt for wetsuit boots or neoprene socks which provide increased buoyancy as well as plenty of grip on slippery surfaces like boat decks. Wearing sandals can quickly lead to blisters when you’re constantly paddling with your feet in contact with the boat’s decking too; consider investing in some suitable footwear designed specifically for use by kayakers to ensure greater comfort for your feet over longer distances and times spent on board in choppy waters!

Finally – just remember that most regular everyday items may not be suitable when taking part in a milder aquatic adventure such as kayaking: items such as watches, glasses (sunglasses or otherwise), hiking shoes, jewelry or cameras should never be worn while navigating a vessel around liquid environments due either directly from their weight dragging you down into deeper depths -or from getting snagged onto helpful maintaining equipment! So leave these delicate non-kayak related objects at home until after your outing has finished safely!

Can you wear normal clothes kayaking?

Yes, you can wear normal clothes kayaking. However, it is highly recommended to wear appropriate clothing and gear that provides your body with some protection from the elements and any hazards you may encounter on the water even if it is warm weather.

The best type of clothing for kayaking is something lightweight, synthetic and quick-drying such as nylon or spandex. These materials won't absorb much water if you fall in the river and will keep your core temperature regulated while paddling in cold weather. Additionally, wearing layers means that you can easily adjust your outfit depending on how hot or cold you become throughout the day. It’s also helpful to bring along a rain jacket just in case it starts drizzling while out on the water.

In terms of footwear, kayakers typically go barefoot but they also have specific shoe options made specifically for kayaking like “water shoes” which provide grip and support so that you don't slip inside your boat or risk getting blisters from continuously rubbing against it whilst paddling hard. Some enthusiasts even opt for drysuits with special built-in neoprene boots because these give the most comfortable yet secure fit whilst providing superior insulation if submerged in colder waters for prolonged periods of time meaning there's no need to worry about cold feet!

What are the three golden rules to paddling in a kayak?

Paddling in a kayak can be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience, but it's important to remember that safety is always the top priority. Here are three golden rules to keep in mind when out on the water:

1. Wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD): It's essential to wear a PFD while paddling – even if you think you're an expert swimmer – as they provide life-saving floatation in the event of capsizing or falling off your kayak. Always make sure to check that your PFD is United States Coast Guard approved, fits properly, and is in good condition before getting out on the water.

2. Know Your Equipment: Make sure you understand how all of your pieces of equipment work, including things like pumps for inflatable kayaks or any electronic devices such as fish finders/GPS units being used during your trip. If you’re renting a kayak from a shop make sure that everything checks out before launching into the water!

3. Protective Footwear: Investing in quality footwear specifically designed for kayaking should be at the top of every newbie’s list when gearing up for their first outing; shoes made with neoprene offer maximum protection from cuts or abrasions caused by sharp rocks underneath paddlers feet and also help insulate against cold temperatures while on the water. Look for features such as grip soles which will prevent slippage onboard and adjustable straps which guarantee snug fitment without restricting movement!

How difficult is kayaking for beginners?

Kayaking is a great activity for beginners! It offers the opportunity to explore and enjoy nature, as well as provides an excellent form of exercise.

For any beginner looking to get started in kayaking, it’s important to first understand the basics. Knowing how to properly paddle will give you more control on the water, and help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Additionally, having the right gear is key when kayaking – so outfitting yourself with quality safety equipment like lifejackets, paddles and shoes should be your first priority.

Speaking of shoes – finding the right pair can make all the difference when navigating choppy waters or slippery surfaces. The best kayak shoes for beginners provide good grip in wet conditions while also being comfortable enough so that your feet won’t tire from long-term wear. Look for lightweight materials such as neoprene or mesh uppers that are breathable yet durable enough against rocks or sharp objects underwater; quick-dry materials; cushioned midsole support; rubber outsoles with traction grooves along edges; closed toe designs (to prevent debris getting inside); adjustable lacing systems (for improved fitment); drainage holes/ports (for draining water out). With these features combined together into one shoe design – it will keep you steady on your journey while providing comfort throughout! Do some research online and compare different models to see which shoe best suits your needs before hitting off on your next adventure!

Do you wear socks when kayaking?

Absolutely! Wearing socks when kayaking is highly recommended for a number of reasons. The most important reason is to protect your feet from the rubbing of your shoes against the top of the watercraft and provide additional support, stability and comfort.

When it comes to shoes, closed-toe protection with traction soles are necessary components for successful kayaking. In particular, water shoes, aqua shoes or booties provide excellent insulation and sure footing along with good ventilation and some flexibility in tough terrain or changing temperatures - all much needed features when navigating waves, eddies and other hazards on a river or lake. Furthermore, sandals should be avoided as they offer inadequate protection against rocks or debris beneath the surface of the water.

In addition to wearing socks while kayaking, it is also beneficial to change them out frequently if you are spending days in wet environments because moisture buildup can create uncomfortable conditions that can lead to blisters on overly wet feet over long journeys. To reduce chafing even further consider investing in paddling specific sox best suited for this type of activity!

Our Goal Is To Improve The Quality Of Your Life By Giving You The Information You Need To Make Better Decisions. We Call It, “POSITIVE GREATER LIVING”

In Conclusion

Overall, kayaking shoes are an important part of any kayaking experience. Wearing the correct pair of shoes can provide you with the best possible comfort and safety. Furthermore, many people find that purchasing shoes specifically designed for kayaking greatly improves their experience and makes it more enjoyable. With this in mind, it is important to research the various types of kayaking shoes available and select the ones that will work best for your specific needs. While this is a personal decision, we believe that the 8 pairs of shoes mentioned above are among the best options out there. There’s sure to be something perfect for everyone – whether they’re looking for great quality water shoes, booties, or paddling shoes – and wearing them could potentially make all of your kayaking adventures even better. So if you’re looking for some reliable water footwear, don’t hesitate to check out these 6 amazing picks for the best Shoes for Kayaking!

Our Goal Is To Improve The Quality Of Your Life By Giving You The Information You Need To Make Better Decisions. We Call It, “POSITIVE GREATER LIVING”
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