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What Is GellyBall? Discover the Commercial-Grade Gel Ball Craze That Can Be A Fun Side Hustle!

GellyBall is a game designed for all ages, offering a lower-impact alternative to traditional shooting games. Instead of using hard ammo, GellyBall utilizes battery-powered blasters to launch soft, water-gel spheres, providing a fun and safe experience.

What Is GellyBall? Discover the Commercial-Grade Gel Ball Craze That Can Be A Fun Side Hustle!

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Are you looking for a unique and exciting gaming experience? GellyBall is here to revolutionize the way we play! It combines all the fun of shooting games without any mess or low-impact. So let’s answer that burning question: What is GellyBall?

Here in this post, we’ll give an overview of its special blasters and ammunition as well as how it can be tailored to various events and scenarios – making every game totally unforgettable! Be sure to equip yourself with everything you need before entering into this amazing world of GellyBall - where our challenges are never ending yet 100% mess free.

Key TakeAways

  • Experience the thrill of GellyBall with with electric gellyball blasters or gellyball guns and 8mm water orbs (a gellyball) for a mess-free, painless game!
  • Enjoy an alternative to traditional paintball that’s more enjoyable, cleaner & environmentally friendly.
  • Get ready for endless fun with tailor made packages and mobile parties, perfect for all ages!
  • Understand "what is gellyball" by the time you are finished reading this article!
  • Understand that this could be a fun side hustle or possibly even a full time business!

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What is Gellyball Answered!

GellyBall is a new game that provides an exciting experience, combining the fun of shooting games with less impact than traditional paintball and Nerf guns. This makes it suitable for all ages as well as any event. Players will be able to enjoy intense gameplay without worrying about mess or pain when using GellyBall blasters which fire 8mm water orbs! The key components are these specially designed electric blasters along with their lightweight ammunition – both making sure players can get into the action while staying safe in the process.

GellyBall Blasters

GellyBall blasters or gellyball guns, which shoot 8mm water orbs at up to 10 balls per second, are designed differently from Nerf guns. A gellyball blaster, unlike their counterparts, do not require the constant reloading of ammunition and can provide a softer impact suitable for younger players ages five and above. These firearms feature barrels specifically engineered with gentle mechanisms on the ammunition so as to ensure it doesn’t break until contact is made between target and projectile. Finally, this low-impact means that anyone playing games such as paintball or airsoft has less need to worry about potential injuries caused by high velocity shots – something gellyballs cannot produce due to design specifications upon its production! However, it's still advised to wear safety equipment like eye and face protection and body vests for protection while having fun.

GellyBall Ammo

GellyBall ammo is made of a commercial-grade, non-toxic gel that consists mostly of water and breaks down quickly. This means no paint or stains are involved in the process making it safe to use without having any mess clean up afterwards. The 8mm tiny pieces offer a lighter impact than traditional paintball options which make them perfect for nearly all kinds of events. Even those where reloading occurs frequently as magazines or hopper type systems can easily be used with GellyBall blasters.

This makes this shooting game experience one that will excite players young and old alike due to its lack of need for cleanup outdoors when compared to traditional methods, providing an unprecedented level zero upkeep required after playtime ends.

GellyBall vs. Traditional Paintball

GellyBall, often referred to as gellyball paintball, is an increasingly popular choice for a cleaner and more enjoyable alternative compared to traditional paintball. Instead of using bullets loaded with dye-filled capsules like in regular play, GellyBalls are crafted out of water based polymer that bursts on impact into small fragments eliminating the need for reloading, meaning players can just focus solely on having fun!

Advantages come along too: these guns typically have lower velocity and a shorter range than typical markers. Making them ideal games even for kids who want safe game action while still enjoying themselves thoroughly!

GellyBall Safe for All Ages

GellyBall is a great alternative for activities such as family gatherings, team-building events or birthday parties due to its safety. With the low impact of gameplay and water orbs used that are biodegradable, non-toxic and mainly composed of H2O it provides an unique experience which differs from Nerf guns. The fun activity can be enjoyed by people aged 5 years old without any risk since the GellyBalls just simply bounce off them causing no damage at all! That’s what makes this game so enjoyable. Everyone can participate safely and easily in these kinds of events.

GellyBall Events and Scenarios

GellyBall can offer an incredibly adaptable experience to fit any situation. From private occasions like birthday parties and family reunions, to corporate team-building events or school activities, Gellyball is suitable for a variety of game scenarios. All the rules and objectives of this shooting activity are adjustable in order to provide fun no matter your skill level. Making it difficult for people attending the event wanting gellyball to leave anytime soon! Commonly seen at these kinds of events include things such as: large gatherings, bachelorette affairs, etc., so that everyone involved will have hours worth of engaging entertainment.

GellyBall Team Building

If you’re in search of a creative way to bolster the problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills among your team members, GellyBall is here to help. This fun event teaches strategy while promoting good teamwork between participants—guaranteeing an enjoyable experience as well as increased relationships amongst coworkers. Popular activities that can be played with GellyBalls include games such as capture the flag, elimination rounds or last man standing - just keep in mind there won’t be any mess afterwards! Let gellball’s unique capability provide your group with hours of togetherness where they will build great connections while having some lighthearted enjoyment at the same time.

Becoming a GellyBall Dealer

Want a fun side gig? Becoming a GellyBall dealer could be the perfect fit for you if you’re eager to join in on this exciting industry. As a GellyBall dealer, there are multiple ways of providing products and services such as organizing private gatherings, setting up walk-in playtime sessions, attending festivals/events and selling items at retail stores.

The perks that come with being a part of this business include having total control over your enterprise without outrageous costs plus getting aid from their starter kits available under $4K along with assistance/training so success can become attainable!

Warranty Program

From the information we have gathered, being a GellyBall dealer has many advantages, one of them being the Warranty-Replacement And Product (WRAP) program. This guarantees that dealers are provided with replacements for any faulty blasters as well as monthly ammunition shipments and warranty coverage.

The WRAP program offers several assurances to enhance business efficiency: confidence in having access to necessary parts, staying current on what is out there, offering customers an outstanding experience while using products from this brand.

With such support behind you when running your store’s operations, it can be a surefire way of increasing success and progress through the sales generated by Gellyball merchandise.

GellyBall Party Packages and Pricing

When planning a GellyBall party, there are numerous packages available that can be tailored to fit individual needs and budgets. Speaking these include blasters, masks, bunkers for protection and of course plenty of Gellyballs! Many offer extra special features such as glow-in-the-dark games or shooting booths too.

It is important to research different providers in order to find the ideal package for your celebration, one which provides all the essential components but also an unforgettable experience at an affordable price. Once you have found this winning combination everyone will enjoy hours full of fun with lots of laughter throughout!

Mobile GellyBall Parties

GellyBall parties that come directly to you are an exciting way to celebrate any occasion! These mobile celebrations include all the necessary items such as GellyBall guns, masks, inflatable bunkers and of course unlimited ammunition. Whether it’s a birthday party rental for young ones or a team-building event, this is sure to be one thrilling adventure. There’s no need to worry about transporting equipment, just have fun at your very own location without having anything brought in from outside sources! Mobile GellyBall parties cater for those aged six years and above – so get ready for some wild entertainment!

GellyBall Policies and Terms

GellyBall is all about having fun! To ensure everyone has a great time, it’s important that participants stick to the GellyBall policies and terms outlined by your authorized dealer. These rules include shooting only during game sessions, not disassembling or tampering with guns, and wearing masks at all times in playing zones. And making sure players wear closed-toe shoes when they play. Please keep in mind that kids under seven years old aren’t permitted to take part in any Gellyball games either naccording to some authorized dealers for safety reasons. Following these guidelines will make for an enjoyable environment where everyone can have lots of laughs while participating together safely and respectfully.

Weekday Bookings

It is essential to take note of any extra procedures when arranging a GellyBall party on weekdays. Some service providers may require an advance payment and the full balance paid at the time of check-in, so it’s smart to book as soon as possible, especially during high season.

When holding multi-activity GellyBall events midweek, you might need to complete paperwork in order to secure your booking, by preparing for this beforehand it guarantees that everyone will have an amazing day filled with lasting memories.


Are you looking for a thrilling activity with all the energy and enthusiasm of paintball but none of its mess? Then GellyBall is just what you need! It provides non-toxic, totally safe ammunition in an array of unique blasters so that everyone can enjoy team building events or birthdays full to bursting with action. Players old and young are sure to find new delights on this adventure as they plunge into joyous battles filled with laughter – not explosions – thanks to vibrant water orbs. So get ready to experience something truly extraordinary, make your move towards Gelly Ball today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between paintball and Gellyball?

GellyBall is the ideal solution for parents looking to let their children have a paintball experience without any harm or pain. This kid-friendly version utilizes soft gel balls, which are considerably safer than traditional paintballs and don’t leave bruises or marks. Parents can rest easy knowing that GellyBall provides an enjoyable time with no worries about risks traditionally associated with paintball games.

How does Gellyball work?

GellyBalls are the perfect way to enjoy paintball-like games without the worry of any mess – they simply bounce off or disintegrate when soaked in water, making them biodegradable and nontoxic!

Let the fun begin!

What is Gellyball made of?

Gellyballs are a blast of fun made from water and an absorbent, non-toxic polymer - what’s not to love?

What age is appropriate for GellyBall?

GellyBall is an excellent activity for young children, perfect for the whole family! This sport offers a low-impact exercise which makes it gentle on joints. Kids of five years old and over can easily pick up Gellyball as its easy to learn, get involved with and enjoy. An ideal way of providing kids (and adults) with healthy physical exertion that’s enjoyable at the same time!

Can GellyBall be used for team-building events?

GellyBall events can be a great way to help promote effective communication, strengthen strategy skills and enhance teamwork among colleagues. Customizable game scenarios are available to perfectly suit any team-building activity.

Gellyball | Gellyball Guns | Gellyball Blasters
GellyBall is an innovative, low-impact game for all ages. It uses soft, biodegradable gel balls instead of paint, leaving no mess. These blasters are battery-powered, easy to use, and make for a fun, engaging experience.


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