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Top 4 Best Tap Shoes For The Tap Dancer In You!

Tap shoes are essential to perfecting your tap dance form! Upgrade your performance with the best tap shoes on the market. Find guarantees of long-lasting durability and enhanced control with high quality tap shoes. Take your tap dancing to the next level!

Best Tap Shoes

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Are you a tap dancer? Are you looking for the best tap shoes? Whether you are an amateur searching for your first tap dancing shoes, or a professional dancer wanting to expand your wardrobe, it can take time to decide which ones to get.

So much variety is available - different styles and features– that finding the best tap shoe for your needs can feel overwhelming! But not to worry; here, we've collected all the information you need about what makes a good quality dance shoe.

We'll share why some materials work better than others, how heel types differ, tips on sizing, and more! Keep reading to learn all there is to know about picking out the perfect pair of tap shoes.

How We Choose The Best Tap Shoes

As dance enthusiasts ourselves, we fully recognize the importance of tap shoes in your repertoire. That's why we dedicate ourselves to handpicking only the cream of the crop when it comes to dance footwear.

Scanning through the abundance of Amazon reviews and top-rated products, we sift through the latest and greatest in technology and materials to offer you only the best of the best.

When browsing through our selection, you'll find shoes that boast comfort and breathability- perfect for long rehearsal sessions and electrifying performances.

Designed with advanced cushioning and flexibility concepts, our shoes provide ultimate comfort without sacrificing durability and protection.

With a range of heel heights, widths, and closures, our tap shoes can cater to all types of dancers and styles. So kick up your heels and let us take care of your feet.

Our Goal Is To Improve The Quality Of Your Life By Giving You The Information You Need To Make Better Decisions. We Call It, “POSITIVE GREATER LIVING”

With detailed and rigorous research, we provide our readers with the finest recommendations. Our recommendations are our opinions. Our cause is backed by reader support- for every click made through one of our affiliates links, a commission may be earned at no extra expense to you! As an Amazon Associate, Reviewsopedia may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you and enjoy!

Miller & Ben Tap Shoes

Miller & Ben Tap Shoes, Jazz-Tap Master

Best Professional Tap Shoes


Why They Made Our List Of Best Tap Shoes

  • If you're looking for the very best in tap shoe performance, look no further than the Miller & Ben Tap Shoes, Jazz-Tap Master.
  • These ultra-professional tap shoes are designed to maximize your every move with superior comfort and sound quality.
  • Built with a sleek black finish and incredibly durable material, these professional grade tap shoes feature a classic silhouette that works great on both stages and streets while providing excellent support.
  • The perforated upper ensures optimum breathability and flexibility during quick movements, and the lightweight sole offers the perfect balance of comfort and agility.
  • A padded collar guarantees maximum cushioning for those long performance nights, allowing you to keep going all night long.
  • The tread has been tailored for optimum grip on any surface so that you can stay agile and perform at your highest level.
  • The unique design gives a classic touch to Miller & Ben Tap Shoes signature style that is sure to turn heads as you take your taps up a notch.
  • Professional tappers looking for the best sound and performance will be delighted with how far their artistry takes them when their feet are wrapped in the Jazz-Tap Master's snazzy all-black finish.

How They Can Help You

Miller & Ben Tap Shoes provide some of the best professional tap shoes on the market, allowing jazz-tap masters to step out in style. Not only do they have excellent sound quality and comfort-factor, they come exclusively in a handsome all black color design. Perfect for any occasions that require rhythm and soulful movement, these shoes are a must have item for all serious tappers. Their superior craftsmanship ensures each shoe will perform perfectly, year after year - thus making them a truly invaluable investment for the professional dancer.

Theatricals Tap Shoes T9500

Theatricals Adult Lace-Up Tap Shoes Black

Best Tap Shoes For Wide Feet


Why They Made Our List

  • Classic oxford style shoes
  • Screwed-on taps with soundboard for maximum resonance.
  • Non-skid rubber patches help prevent slipping, and the sock lining is soft and comfortable.
  • The heel counter provides extra ankle support.
  • Quality materials and classic style make it a great choice for any dancer.
  • Women order the same or half size larger than the street shoe, men and children order two sizes larger
  • Lasts for many performances to come!

How They Can Help You

This classic oxford-style tap shoe has everything you are looking for. The taps are screwed on with a soundboard for maximum resonance. It also features a non-skid rubber patch and cushioned sock lining for comfort.

The heel counter provides extra ankle support, making it one of the best tap shoes available today. With a good fit, these shoes will last for many performances. For best results, women should order the same size or half size larger than their street shoe, while men and children should order two sizes larger.

Overall, Theatricals Tap Shoes T9500 are an excellent choice for any dancer looking for a great tap shoe. These shoes will surely be a hit with their quality materials and classic style!

Linodes Tap Shoe

Linodes Tap Shoe Dance Shoes

Best Value Tap Shoe or those on a budget


Why They Made Our List

  • Synthetic sole provides excellent traction on many types of surfaces
  • High quality PU leather upper ensures maximum breathability
  • Elastic closures make for effortless donning and doffing.
  • Unique sound board screwed on taps provide a great click-clack sound for your steps
  • Flexible outsole with a non-skid rubber patch ensures safety and stability while performing
  • With a vast selection of sizes, you are sure to discover the ideal match for your needs.
  • Combines comfort, style, and safety all in one great package.
  • A great choice for any dancer looking to elevate their performance.
  • Feel the power of every step!

How They Can Help You

The Linodes Tap Shoe Dance Shoes offer a great combination of style, comfort, and versatility. The synthetic sole provides excellent traction on many types of surfaces, while the high quality PU leather upper ensures maximum breathability.

The unique slip-on design makes it easy to put on and take off with elastics, making it perfect for any dance performance. The sound board screwed on taps provide a great click-clack sound for your steps, allowing you to express yourself with each movement.

Additionally, the flexible outsole is complemented by a non-skid rubber patch, ensuring safety and stability while performing. Whether you have wide or narrow feet, we offer a vast selection of sizes to help ensure an ideal fit.

The Linodes Shoe Dance Shoes is an excellent choice for any dancer looking to elevate their performance. They combine comfort, style, and safety all in one great package. Choose the size that best fits you and feel the power of every step!

Capezio Women's CG17 Fluid Tap Shoe

Capezio Women's Fluid Tap Shoe

Best Tap Shoes For Beginners


Why They Made Our List

  • Quality and supportive construction for stability and comfort
  • Soft PU upper for flexibility and support
  • Moisture-absorbing microfiber lining for dryness
  • Signature Teel-Tone taps attached outsole reduces noise when tapping
  • Lace-up closure and stacked heel ensures your taps stay in place
  • Stylish look for a standout performance on the dance floor.
  • Suitable for all types of dancing, including jazz and tap.
  • Invest in this product once and be sure to enjoy its robustness, durability, and longevity for years to come.
  • Lightweight design for easy transport and storage.
  • Affordable and great value for money.

How They Can Help You

The Capezio Women's CG17 Fluid Tap Shoe has a lot to offer when it comes to tapping. The suede and manmade sole provide great stability, while the lace-up closure and stacked heel ensure that your taps don't slip off as you dance.

The moisture-absorbing microfiber lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable, while the Soft PU upper provides flexibility and support. The Signature Teel-Tone taps attached outsole also help to reduce noise when performing.

All of these features make this tap shoe an excellent choice for any dancer looking to stay comfortable and perform their best. With its quality construction, supportive design, and stylish look, the Capezio Women's CG17 Fluid Tap Shoe is sure to become a favorite in any dancer's wardrobe. So don't wait, get yours today and show off your slick moves on the dance floor!


What tap shoes make the best sound?

The best tap shoes for sound quality are the Tele Tone taps, mounted on fiberboard for added stability and durability. The Leo Women's Spectator Dance Shoe also has pre-attached timbre Ultratone taps that offer excellent sound quality.

What is the most comfortable tap shoe?

The Miller and Ben tap shoes are the most comfortable. They are also very expensive so if you are a beginner or on a budget the other recommendations are Theatricals, Linodes or Capezio.

How do I find good tap shoes?

When looking for the best tap shoes, it is important to consider several factors such as tap shoes cost, fit, and quality. Knowing what you are looking for will help you determine which pair of tap shoes is the best choice for you. Cost should also be taken into account when searching for a new pair of dance shoes. Patent tap shoes can be expensive, but there are also more affordable options available.

Can tap shoes get wet?

Yes, tap shoes can get wet. To protect the leather uppers from water damage, use a waterproofing spray before wearing them in damp or rainy conditions. You should also thoroughly dry your jazz shoes and regularly treat them with a leather conditioner after they get wet.

Do I wear socks with tap shoes?

No, you do not need to wear socks with tap shoes. However, ensuring your feet have airflow and stay dry while dancing is important. Consider wearing a moisture-wicking sock liner if your bloch new tap shoes are rubbing or causing discomfort. Doing this will help keep your feet comfortable and prevent blisters from forming.

Is tap dance a good workout?

Yes, tap dance is an excellent exercise and a way to stay in shape. It requires you to use your entire body and works multiple muscles simultaneously while improving coordination, balance, and rhythm. Plus, it's a fun activity that can help you relieve stress and improve your overall well-being.

Is it bad to wear tap shoe outside?

Yes, it is not recommended to wear great tap shoe styles outside. Tap dance shoes are made for indoor use and dancing on a hardwood floor or stage. Wearing them outdoors can cause damage to the tap shoe soles, heel taps, and other components of the shoe. Plus, you may slip on wet surfaces and injure yourself.

What floor is safe for split sole tap shoe?

The best floor for split-sole tap shoes is a hardwood floor. Tap dancing on a carpeted surface can cause the taps to pull off, while smooth surfaces like concrete or tile will not provide enough traction and could lead to slipping and injury.

How can I practice tap at home?

Practicing tap at home can be done in a few ways. One of the best ways to get started is by investing in a pair of full sole tap shoes. This type of shoe will provide you with the most stability and support for your movements, making it ideal for practicing at home.

These shoes provide good control and come in different sizes and looks. You can find the perfect pair for you.. Plus, they are comfortable and can last you a long time if cared for properly. Investing in quality full sole tap shoe is the best way to ensure success when learning and practicing at home.

Does tap dancing strengthen legs?

Yes, tap dancing strengthens the muscles in your legs. By constantly transferring weight from one foot to another and shifting your body around, you will work out your quads, calves, hamstrings, hips, and glutes. Tap dancing also helps improve balance and coordination while strengthening the bones in your feet and ankles.


Get ready to tap dance like a pro with the perfect pair of shoes! Whether you're a seasoned tap dancer or just starting out, you need quality shoes that will help you step up your game. Look for high-quality options like Miller and Ben tap shoes, oxford style shoes, or split sole shoes to get the most out of your performance. Want to add a touch of glamour to your routines? Opt for high heel tap shoes and show off your moves in style. Whatever your preference, the right pair of tap dance shoes can take your artistry to the next level.

This article has helped you understand the basics of tap dancing and how to select the best tap shoes for your needs. Remember, finding a quality pair of tap shoes that fits well and offers good support is important. As a tap dancer you can practice safely and enjoy an incredible workout with the right tools!

Our Goal Is To Improve The Quality Of Your Life By Giving You The Information You Need To Make Better Decisions. We Call It, “POSITIVE GREATER LIVING”


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