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3 Best Squash Shoes: How They Can Help You!

Are you looking for the perfect squash shoes? Take your game to the next level with our selection of top-of-the-line squash shoes. Engineered for superior comfort, durability and performance, you can count on our shoes to keep you feeling great and ready for action.

Best Squash Shoes

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Are you looking for the best squash shoes to help you take your game to the next level? If so, look no further! We've done extensive research into finding the top squash shoes on the market so that you can decide which ones are right for you.

Whether it's durability, foot and ankle support, or just sheer comfort, we want to ensure that your needs as a squash player are cared for when picking out a shoe. So if you're ready to get serious and find the perfect pair of squash shoes, read on and discover our ultimate guide on what features to look out for to step up your game!

Our Goal Is To Improve The Quality Of Your Life By Giving You The Information You Need To Make Better Decisions. We Call It, “POSITIVE GREATER LIVING”

How We Choose The Best Squash Shoe

Squash shoes are an investment in yourself and your game, so we take finding the perfect pair seriously. To ensure our recommendations are reliable, we considered what matters most to squat players when looking for their ideal shoe - durability, grip, support, comfort, and affordability.

We compared dozens of squash shoes from the biggest and most reliable brands, considering each for its unique features and benefits. We examined customer reviews and ratings to see what other players had to say about them.

Based on these criteria, we narrowed our choices to the best squash shoes that offer the greatest potential for helping you take your game to the next level-yes squash specific shoes or shall we say dedicated squash shoes. However anyone of these shoes could be used as badminton shoes

With detailed and rigorous research, we provide our readers with the finest recommendations. Our recommendations are our opinions. Our cause is backed by reader support- for every click made through one of our affiliates links, a commission may be earned at no extra expense to you! As an Amazon Associate, Reviewsopedia may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you and enjoy!


ASICS Men's Upcourt 5 Indoor Sport Shoe

The shoes are best for players who need extra support, cushioning, and top-notch stability. The ASICS Men's Upcourt 5 Shoes are designed for the serious squash player looking for superior support and comfort. Additionally, their breathable underlays and gum rubber outsole makes them perfect for long days on the court. These are leading squash shoes and a great choice for anyone looking to take their squash game to the next level


Why It Made Our List

ASICS Upcourt 5 made our list because their features perfectly suit the demands of squash players. The upper part of these shoes is made out of synthetic leather and mesh. This makes them lightweight and breathable.

The forefoot of the shoe has a wrap-up construction to make it more stable. There is also special gum rubber on the bottom of the shoe which helps you move around easily and keeps you from slipping and could even be used as outdoor shoes.

The ASICS UPCOURT 5 shoe is a court footwear option designed for lightweight performance, prioritizing flexibility and comfort. Its enhanced with a wider mesh paneling for a softer, more adaptable fit, while the midfoot overlays provide stability during multi-directional movements. Additionally, reinforced toe and heel counters ensure durability for long-lasting wear.

How They Can Help You

ASICS Men's Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes offer everything a squash player needs. From its lightweight design to the stable construction and GEL technology, these shoes provide superior cushioning and support.

ASICS Men's Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes provide a wide range of benefits, making them the perfect choice for squash players. The upper part of the shoe is made with synthetic leather and mesh. It is light, comfortable and airy. This makes sure you can do your best in it, and it fits well.

These shoes protects your feet from impact. The outsole wraps around the sides of your foot to make it more stable when you move. The gum rubber on the bottom of the shoe helps you have a better grip on court surfaces. This makes them perfect for sports like squash.

Salming Men's Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes

Salming Men's Kobra 2 Squash Shoe

Best for durability, foot and ankle support, and comfort. Offering a lightweight rubber compound with a HexaGrip pattern designed for maximum grip on all indoor surfaces and an Ergo Heel Cup to stabilize and fixate the heel, this shoe is perfect for taking your squash game to the next level


Why It Made Our List

The Salming Men's Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes offer a range of features that sets them apart from the other shoes on our list. The durable HEXAGRIP rubber compound is designed to maximize grip, while the ExoSkeleton fully integrated support system with breathable mesh offers incredible stability and breathability.

Additionally, the SoftFOAM cushioning compound reduces impact forces, and the Ergo Heel Cup provides a great fit and comfort. Finally, the Rollbar Technology allows maximum foot rolling inwards and toe push-off.

All these features make Salming Men's Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes an ideal choice for squash players who want to take their game to the next level.

How They Can Help You

Salming Men’s Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes are designed to offer the best performance at the court. They have The HexaGrip pattern that provides excellent grip and traction on all indoor surfaces. The ExoSkeleton fully integrated lacing system offers extra support and stability to your midfoot while playing squash.

Soft foam cushioning in the heel reduces impact forces and provides extra comfort. The Ergo Heel Cup offers great fit and support to your heel area to prevent discomfort or injury. The RollBar Technology helps you roll your foot inward for increased support and stability when pushing off with your toes.

These shoes are designed to be lightweight, making them perfect for long hours of playing on the court without feeling weighed down. They also feature Salming's patented LMS+ technology, designed to reduce strain on the feet, ankles, and legs during intense squash sessions.

With its breathable mesh layer, these shoes keep your feet cool and comfortable even when playing for long hours. The shoes' midsole is made from Torsion Efficiency Unit, offering increased flexibility and durability for a more dynamic game.

They offer superior support to your arch area and help to reduce pronation for better performance on the court. The shoes feature an asymmetric lacing system that allows you to customize the fit according to your needs and preferences.

For added protection, these shoes come with toe bumper protection in the front part of the sole so that your toes remain safe while playing squash!

UNSQUASHABLE Tour-TEC White Squash Shoes

UNSQUASHABLE Tour-TEC White Squash Shoes

UNSQUASHABLE Tour-TEC White Squash Shoes, a high-performance footwear option designed specifically for the fast-paced game of squash. These shoes boast superior grip, comfort, and durability, making them a popular choice among professional and amateur players alike.


Why They Made Our List

The UNSQUASHABLE Tour-Tec squash shoe is designed to empower players of all skill levels to excel while reducing the risk of injury. Its meticulous design caters to superior performance, boasting a rounded heel radius for efficient movement and reduced joint strain, a carbon torsion unit for remarkable arch support and stability, and U-FOAM cushioning that absorbs impact shock for smoother landings, pivots, and stops, ultimately enhancing agility on the court.

How They Can Help You

These shoes boast superior grip, comfort, and durability, making them a popular choice among professional and amateur players alike that should help to your mind off your feet and help you focus on your game instead.


What type of shoes is best for squash?

The best squash shoes are lightweight shoes with ample cushioning, heel support, foot and mid-ankle support, durability, and breathability. Look for shock-absorbing midsoles like asics gel rocket, comfortable uppers, and non-slip outsoles to ensure you get the right durable squash shoes that fit and give protection.

Are squash shoes supposed to be tight?

No, squash shoes should fit snugly and comfortably. You don't want them to be too tight, which could cause blisters and discomfort while playing. However, they should not be too loose either, as that could lead to instability on the court.

Can I play squash with running shoes?

Playing squash with running shoes is not recommended, as they are often too soft and lack the ankle support needed for more intense movements. Squash shoes are designed to provide cushioning, stability, and breathability for improved performance on the court.

Can I wear tennis shoes for squash?

Although tennis shoes may provide adequate cushioning and arch support, they are often too bulky for squash. Squash shoes have thinner soles and are specifically designed with more flexibility to help you move freely on the court. Therefore, it is best to use squash-specific footwear for optimal performance.

Can you wear black soles on a squash court?

Yes, you can wear black soles on a squash court. However, it is recommended that you avoid tennis shoes with black soles as they tend to leave permanent marks on the court. Instead, opt for squash shoes with gum rubber outsoles that are non-marking and provide extra grip and traction.

Can you wear squash shoes outside?

Yes, you can wear squash shoes outside. However, it is important to note that squash shoes are specifically designed for indoor court play. Therefore, if you plan to use them outdoors, ensure they suit the surface and terrain.

Additionally, consider using separate outdoor footwear to prevent excessive wear and tear on your squash shoes.

Can you play squash barefoot?

No, it is not recommended to play squash barefoot. Squash shoes provide cushioning, arch support, and stability for more intense court movements. Additionally, wearing proper footwear can help protect your feet from blisters and skin irritation caused by excessive friction or contact with the court surface. Therefore, it is best to wear proper squash shoes while playing.

Do squash shoes improve running?

Squash shoes are not designed for running and cannot improve running performance. The cushioning, ankle support, and lightweight design of squash shoes provide optimal court movement for squash-specific movements only.

Therefore, it is best to opt for running-specific footwear if you plan on running. You can ensure the best possible performance while on the track or trail.

How often should I change my squash shoes and basketball shoes?

It is recommended to replace your most durable squash shoes or basketball shoes every three to six months, depending on how often you play and the quality of the shoes. As with any athletic shoe, wear and tear can affect the shoe's performance over time. Therefore, inspecting your squash shoes regularly for signs of damage or excessive wear and tear is important.

Which shape of shoes is best for squash?

The best shoes for squash are those with a wider toe box and rounded edges, as these provide more room in the front of the foot and allow for better movement. Squash shoes should also have a stable heel counter to support your feet when turning or stopping quickly on the court.

What is the difference between squash shoes vs basketball shoes

Squash and basketball shoes have some similarities, but there are many differences between them. 

Squash typically requires a lot of lateral movement, agility and control. As such, squash shoes usually provide superior grip on the court with good cushioning to offer more responsive footwork. They should also fit snugly for better stability when making sharp turns or sudden stops. Usually the sole of squash shoes is made from non-marking rubber that doesn't leave marks on the court surfaces like a typical hard-sole basketball shoe would do.

Basketball shoes are designed differently as there is more vertical jumping and quick sprints involved in this sport compared to squash which requires frequent sideways movements or slides into position while playing shots. Basketball shoes need to be light and flexible yet still provide enough cushioning for maximum comfort during jumps and strides as well as excellent ankle support for quick changes in direction. Compared to other sports styles, they often use higher cut-off above the ankle height for extra protection during aggressive moves on the court surface. Generally speaking, basketball soles can come with either soft durable rubber outsole or hard carbon fibre plates underneath depending on personal preference towards traction vs responsiveness when jumping onto floors – both have their pros & cons particularly depending if you play indoors or outdoors where different types of courts apply accordingly.


Choosing the best squash shoes for yourself before hitting the courts is imperative. The right pair of shoes can make a good game great and a bad game bearable. ASICS Men's Gel-Furtherup Volleyball Shoes, Salming Men's Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes, and Adidas Men's Stabil X Volleyball Shoes are top picks in the market that lets you hit your stride on every court without compromising on your performance or comfort.

Our Goal Is To Improve The Quality Of Your Life By Giving You The Information You Need To Make Better Decisions. We Call It, “POSITIVE GREATER LIVING”
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