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Editor's Picks! Top 8 Best Pickleball Shoes To Elevate Your Game!

Discover the ultimate pickleball shoes for an unbeatable performance boost!

Editor's Picks! Top 8 Best Pickleball Shoes To Elevate Your Game!

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Pickleball is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports around, and for a good reason! Not only is it fun, but it also offers a great way to get exercise. To play at your best, though, you'll need the right equipment - namely, a good pair of pickleball shoes. Finding the best pickleball shoes can be tough, though. in this article. We'll go over the 8 best pickleball shoes that will elevate your game to the next level.

How We Choose

Our team of reviewers reads thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best pickleball shoes based on a variety of criteria, including comfort, stability, traction, breathability, and style.

We look at customer feedback on each shoe to make sure it is up to par in all of the necessary categories. We look for shoes from well-known and reliable brands to ensure durability in addition to performance. Here are our top 8 picks for the best pickleball shoes.

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With detailed and rigorous research, we provide our readers with the finest recommendations. Our recommendations are our opinions. Our cause is backed by reader support- for every click made through one of our affiliates links, a commission may be earned at no extra expense to you! As an Amazon Associate, Reviewsopedia may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you and enjoy!

Skechers Viper Court Pickleball Shoes

Why They Made Our List.

The Skechers Viper Court Pickleball Shoes are really comfortable, so they're perfect for pickleball players. The rubber outsoles give you good grip inside or outside. The shoes have laces and a mesh top to keep your feet cool. There's also extra arch support built-in so your feet won't hurt while playing.

How They Can Help You

  • Adjustable lace-up front for a secure fit
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Suitable for pickleball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, walking, running, and more
  • Comfortable fit for year-round use
  • Durable construction from a reliable brand.

ASICS Gel-Renman

Why They Made Our List:

The ASICS Gel-Renma Pickleball Shoes will help you play pickleball better. The shoes are very comfortable and strong. They have a rubber sole and special technology that helps you stay stable during the game. The sock liner uses less water and helps the environment too. With these shoes, you can be sure that you have all the best features to help you win your games!

How They Can Help You

  • The robust rubber sole provides superior grip and traction on all court surfaces.
  • Synthetic leather overlays for added durability.
  • Solution dye sock liner reduces water usage by 33% and carbon emissions by 45%.
  • The bottom of the shoe and wider shape help you move more smoothly and in a balanced way.
  • Flex grooves in the outsole provide extra flexibility.
  • Cushioned insole helps reduce the impact on feet.
  • Lace-up closure ensures a snug fit.
  • Available in a variety of colors to match any pickleball ensemble.
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Tyrol Drive-V Pro Series Shoes

Why They Made Our List:

The Tyrol Women's Drive-V Pro Series Pickleball Shoe is perfect for pickleball players. It helps you stay stable and move around quickly. The rubber on the bottom, torsion control shank, and EVA midsole make sure you can move around without slipping or falling!

These shoes will help keep your feet cool during long games. The material that the shoes are made of is a type of nylon that lets air through. There is extra padding in the toes for comfort and there are also special materials to help keep your feet ventilated.

How They Can Help You

  • This equipment is really light, so you can move around quickly and play better on the court.
  • The tongue and collar of this shoe has cushioning that makes it very comfortable to wear all day long.
  • Your shoes won't leave any marks on the court floor. So you won't have to worry about your shoes leaving a mess behind.
  • Non-marking sole won’t leave marks on court surfaces
  • The exterior heel counter and rubber toe guard offer extra stability
  • High-quality materials ensure durability and long-lasting use

K-Swiss Express Light Shoes

Why They Made Our List:

The K-Swiss Men's Express Light Pickleball Shoe is a must-have for pickleball players. It features AÖSTA 7.0 RUBBER COMPOUND, offering superior durability and cushioning in the heel-to-toe area. It also includes DuraWrap technology, providing extra protection against toe-dragging. The OrthoLite sock liner ensures optimal moisture management for a cooler and drier environment. Ease of wear and tear is also taken care of with the 180 PSC Plantar and DragGuard features, further making this an ideal shoe for pickleball.

How They Can Help You

  • With its high-density outsole, this shoe offers unparalleled durability from heel to toe.
  • DragGuard in the toe and heel areas offer increased abrasion resistance.
  • Ideal for wear and tear, making it a great pickleball shoe option.
  • Lightweight construction for easy movement and agility.
  • Sleek design with a classic look.
  • Comfortable fit that provides support throughout the game.

Fitville Wide Shoes

Why They Made Our List

FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes are perfect for anyone looking for an all-purpose tennis shoe that is both stylish and comfortable. The innovative design is made specifically for those with wider feet, offering a full range of functional attributes ranging from superior shock absorption to extra support, while the breathable microfiber upper and anti-odor tech will keep feet feeling cool and fresh all day long.

How They Can Help You

  • Innovative design made specifically for wider feet
  • Superior shock absorption and extra support features
  • Fashionable mesh and super soft microfiber upper
  • Anti-odor technology and breathable
  • Honeycomb insoles, combined with Ortholite materials for cushioning and support provide superior comfort and shock absorption.
  • Enhanced non-slip design for traction on all surfaces

Wilson Women's Rush Pro 3.0

Why They Made Our List

The Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Pb W Pickleball Shoe is a great addition to any pickleball enthusiast’s wardrobe, featuring a rubber sole and 4D Support Chassis for superior stability. With the Sensifeel 2.0 technology, you will get an enhanced breathability and feel to your shoe. A Women's Specific Support added with an elongated medial side TPU heel counter will provide higher levels of stability, arch support, and control for a better overall experience.

How They Can Help You

  • The lightweight and breathable mesh upper ensures a comfortable fit
  • 4D Support Chassis for superior stability and pivot movements
  • Women's Specific Support for higher levels of stability and arch support
  • Endofit inner sock construction for enhanced comfort, stability, and intuitive fit
  • DF2 court feel for a compromise between comfort and performance (Heel Drop 9mm)
  • Rubber sole for a better grip on the court surface

Diadora Trofeo Shoes

Why They Made Our List:

The Diadora Men's Trofeo Pickleball Shoes are designed to provide the comfort, stability, and energy return needed for pickleball players. The lightweight mesh upper ensures breathability, while the cushioned midsole keeps your feet supported. These shoes feature a non-marking rubber outsole that provides superior grip on court surfaces. Additionally, the shoe comes with a convenient heel tab for easy on and off.

How They Can Help You

  • Lightweight mesh upper provides breathability.
  • Cushioned midsole keeps your feet supported.
  • Non-marking rubber outsole provides superior grip.
  • A heel tab allows for effortless wearing and removal.
  • Available in size eight and a variety of colors.

ACACIA Pickleball Shoes

Why They Made Our List

The ACACIA Pickleball Shoes are made to be comfortable and let air in. The Flyknit material is strong and lets air in. The insoles are like a cushion that make your feet feel secure when you move around quickly. They also make sure air can get to your feet. This shoe has a middle part made of special foam that won't get ruined in water. The bottom part is made of rubber that will not leave marks and will help you have better control when you walk.

How They Can Help You

  • Non-marking rubber outsole provides the necessary grip needed while playing pickleball
  • The gender-neutral, wide-fitting design fits all types of feet
  • EVA foam midsole adds bounce and support during gameplay
  • Flyknit ballistic nylon upper is lightweight, durable, and breathable
  • Silica gel insoles provide maximum shock absorption and breathability, ensuring your feet are comfortable and protected during every moment of the game.
  • Anti-wear rubber outsole with elevated heels provides better control and balance while playing.

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pickleball Shoes

Finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a daunting task, but luckily, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to find the pickleball shoes that are just right for you. Read on to learn more!

Shoe Material Matters

The material your pickleball shoes are made of will play a big role in how comfortable they are. Leather or synthetic leather materials offer superior support and durability, while canvas or mesh-based materials are lightweight and breathable. Consider what kind of environment you’ll be playing in; if you’re playing outdoors in wet conditions, leather will be better than canvas as it won’t absorb as much water. On the other hand, if you plan on playing most of the time indoors, then canvas or mesh might be best for breathability and comfort.

Cushioning is Key

Cushioning plays a major role in your pickleball shoe selection process because it helps protect your feet from impact shocks during quick movements on the court. Cushioned midsoles help absorb shock from lateral movements like pivoting and running around the court. Look for a midsole with plenty of cushions so that your feet remain comfortable during extended periods of playtime.

Traction Matters Too

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of pickleball shoes, traction is just as important as cushioning and material selection. You want a shoe with plenty of grip on both tile floors (commonly used indoors) and outdoor surfaces such as concrete or grass courts. Look for outsoles made from rubber that provide excellent traction while still allowing plenty of flexibility when moving around on the court. This will ensure that you stay steady through every shot so you can focus on improving your game rather than worrying about slipping and sliding on the court!

Comfort is Crucial

Above all else, comfort should be your top priority when shopping for the perfect pickleball shoes. If a shoe isn’t comfortable, then you won’t want to wear it and won’t get the support you need on the court. Look for shoes that are wide enough to accommodate your foot shape and have plenty of cushioning and breathability. Make sure the upper is snug but not too tight, as you don’t want to feel restricted when playing.

Keep an Eye on the Price

Lastly, price is always a key factor when it comes to purchasing any type of shoe. Fortunately, pickleball shoes are relatively inexpensive, and there are plenty of great options available regardless of your budget. Try to find a shoe that provides all of the features you need at a comfortable price point. Remember, investing in a quality pair of pickleball shoes can help you play better and last longer, so don’t be afraid to splurge if you find the right shoe.

Following these simple tips will ensure that you find the perfect pickleball shoes for your needs. With increased comfort, traction, and support, you’ll be ready to take your game to the next level!


What type of shoes should I wear for pickleball?

The best type of shoe to wear for pickleball is a dedicated pickleball shoe. Pickleball shoes are specifically designed to provide the cushioning, stability, and grip needed to play the game.

Is it okay to wear running shoes for pickleball?

While running shoes may be suitable for pickleball, they are not designed specifically for the sport and do not provide the necessary features, such as arch support and grip, that a true pickleball shoe does. Therefore, it is best to opt for a specialized pickleball shoe if you plan on playing the game.

What's the difference between tennis shoes and pickleball shoes?

Tennis shoes are designed for lateral movements and sliding on clay or hard courts associated with tennis. Pickleball shoes, on the other hand, are designed to provide support and stability during quick starts and stops, as well as pivot movements that occur when playing pickleball. Additionally, pickleball shoes typically have a lower heel-to-toe drop and a more rigid sole for extra grip on the court surface.

Does pickleball require special shoes?

Yes, pickleball does require special shoes. Pickleball shoes are specifically designed to provide the cushioning, stability, and grip needed for the sport. Pickleball shoes have a lower heel-to-toe drop and a more rigid sole for extra grip on the court surface. Additionally, they often have a non-marking rubber outsole to provide superior grip and traction on court surfaces. The heel tab also offers easy on and off for a more convenient experience.

What type of shoe is best for pickleball?

Pickleball players should look for shoes with a rubber sole and good grip, as well as excellent arch support. Shoes specifically designed for pickleball, such as the ASICS Men's GEL-Court Control, HEAD Sprint Pro 2.0, WILSON Rush Pro 3.0, Diadora Men's Trofeo Pickleball Shoes, and the ACACIA Unisex-Adult Pickleball Shoes are all excellent choices for pickleball players.

What are the best outdoor pickleball shoes?

The top pickleball shoes for outdoor use include the ASICS Gel-Rocket 9, Prince Lightening 2.0, and the ACACIA Unisex-Adult Pickleball Shoes. These shoes offer superior grip and stability on the court while providing the necessary breathability and cushioning needed to play at your best.

Is a volleyball shoe suitable for pickleball?

While some volleyball shoes may offer similar features as pickleball shoes, they are generally not recommended for regular use in pickleball as they don't offer the same level of support and grip. For the best experience, it is recommended to use pickleball shoes specifically designed for the sport.

What are the top pickleball shoes?

The top pickleball shoes available on the market include ASICS Gel-Rocket 9, Prince Lightening 2.0, and the ACACIA Unisex-Adult Pickleball Shoes. These shoes offer the superior grip, stability, and cushioning needed to play pickleball at your best.

What features should I look for in pickleball shoes?

When looking for pickleball shoes, it's important to consider the features that are right for you, including grip, cushioning, breathability, and stability. A good quality shoe should provide all of these elements while giving you the support needed to play at your best.

What are the differences between outdoor pickleball shoes and indoor pickleball shoes?

Outdoor pickleball shoe typically has more durable sole construction with thicker rubber outsoles to provide traction on hard courts and other outdoor surfaces. The uppers of outdoor pickleball shoes are usually made of a combination of synthetic materials and mesh that are lightweight yet durable.

Indoor pickleball shoes feature a thinner rubber sole construction meant to provide traction on wood floors and other indoor surfaces. Uppers are usually made of leather or synthetic materials, with some breathable mesh panels for enhanced comfort. Both types of shoes also offer cushioning technology, arch support, and non-marking soles. Ultimately, the type of shoe you choose will depend on where you plan to play.


Pickleball shoes are a great addition to your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for court shoes or dedicated pickleball shoes with features such as a wide-toe box and ankle rolls, the options on the list provide superior durability and performance for all types of players.

From lightweight mesh uppers for breathability to cushioned midsoles for added support, each of these shoes provides the necessary features and benefits needed while playing. With so many great choices, finding the right pickleball shoe is easy. So, if you’re looking for a pair of picks with superior performance and comfort, be sure to check out any of these top-rated shoes.

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