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The Best Neutral Running Shoes of 2023 - A Buyer's Guide

Looking for the best neutral running shoes of 2023? Some top options include the Brooks, ASICS, Mizuno, HOKA, New Balance, Saucony, and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40. These shoes are celebrated for their comfort, performance, and excellent grip, making them ideal for both everyday runs and road running.

The Best Neutral Running Shoes of 2023 - A Buyer's Guide

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When selecting the ideal pair of neutral running shoes for your needs, it is crucial to make sure you are maximizing performance and comfort whilst preventing potential injury. In this guide we will take a look at one of the best and most recommended options from 2023’s line-up of best neutral running shoes available, as well as go into detail on how one should choose their perfect match and understand why owning a great set of such footwear can be beneficial for all types runners.

The Rundown

  • 2023 has seen the introduction of various top neutral running shoes designed to cater for different runner needs.
  • It is important to consider cushioning levels, support and stability, flexibility and responsiveness when selecting a neutral running shoe.
  • Neutral running shoes provide optimal cushioning and support for runners of all levels, improving performance and comfort while reducing injury risk.

Top Neutral Running Shoes for 2023

This year has seen the emergence of a selection of high-performance neutral running shoes, tailored to meet various runner needs, foot shapes and preferences. The HOKA Clifton 9 offers multifunctionality while being complemented by ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25’s heightened responsiveness, both making for great zero drop shoe options that are suitable for all skill levels from novice to experienced runners alike. These top class neutral running shoes can guarantee support, cushioning and flexibility so as you can enjoy your run with enhanced comfortability!

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HOKA Clifton 8 or 9



The men's and Women's HOKA Clifton 8 or 9 is widely recognized as the perfect neutral running shoe and one of the top neutral running shoes available in 2023. It has a heel-to-toe drop of 5 mm, boasting superior plush cushioning and enhanced arch support to provide protection for both novice runners and experienced athletes alike. At $145 this high performance shoe offers unbeatable comfort, stability and durability that makes it an excellent investment if you’re looking for premium neutral running footwear. As compared to its predecessor (the Clifton 8), the improvements made on this model make it all the more appealing choice especially for those who prioritize best neutral running experiences over everything else!

Brooks Ghost 15

Brooks Ghost 15


For those seeking a lightweight and comfortable running shoe, the men's and Women's Brooks Ghost 15 is an ideal choice. This popular neutral runner features DNA Loft v2 foam for unrivaled cushioning that allows for fluid transitions. It has a 3D Fit Print upper to provide secure fit throughout wear while remaining light in weight compared to prior models like the 14 or Max versions of this same brand.

The advantages offered by these sneakers make them stand out among many runners who appreciate its ease-of-use as well as snug yet plush feel provided when worn. Thus making it their go-to option from Brooks’s range of shoes perfect at striking balance between comfort and performance

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25

ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoes


The men's and Women's ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 is a running shoe with an effective, stable platform which suits different types of feet. Its cushioning effect comes from the FF BLAST PLUS ECO foam used in its front midsole foam, and Pure-GEL for extra comfort in the heel area, featuring improved sturdiness while providing smooth rocking movement. Even though it weighs slightly heavier than earlier iterations, most users agree that this does not interfere with their amazing experience when wearing them on long runs or light jogging activities due to how comfortable they are. You can purchase these shoes at $160 USD price tag..

New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam X 1080 V12 Running Shoe


The men's and Women's New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 is designed for the most demanding of distance runs, as it provides maximum cushioning that’s both comfortable and reactive. The upper material consists of a lightweight breathable mesh with integrated no-sew overlays to ensure comfort. Making this shoe an ideal option for neutral feet runners who require superior performance on long trips. Many rely on the responsiveness generated by its balance fresh foam design when running marathons or other competitive events alike. For those seeking supreme padding in their footwear while pushing themselves to peak performance levels, then they can be sure that the latest from new balance - max cushioning featured in their famous fresh foam series won’t let them down!

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 or 40

Nike mens Pegasus 39 Shoes


The men's and Women's Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40 is a lightweight, comfortable neutral running shoe that offers an exceptional blend of responsiveness and support for daily training runs. It features Duralon blown rubber outsole which provides excellent grip on different terrains while the full-length React foam midsole with heel and forefoot zoom units offer supreme cushioning. A suede upper material ensures comfort as well as breathability throughout your workout session.

Weighing only 9.4 oz (266 g), this ideal shoes gives both stability and flexibility to meet the demands of all types of runners who require neutral footing in their sport. All these amazing qualities make it one of the most versatile sneakers from Nike, perfect for everyday training for any occasion!

Saucony Ride 16

Saucony Ride 16


The Ride 16 from Saucony is an enduringly popular and fuss-free choice for both amateur and advanced marathoners alike. The design of the shoe allows your foot to be comfortably held in position, providing a stronger fit as well as improved running experience. With its PWRUN cushioning technology giving you softer landings coupled with invigorating toe-offs. This neutral trainer has won itself many fans among runners looking for timelessness mixed with versatility when it comes to their footwear. It also fits snugly around different feet shapes making it great all rounder favorite amongst Neutral runners searching for dependable options in shoes that meet their needs perfectly! Women's Saucony Ride 15 is the previous version

Mizuno Wave Rider 27

Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 27


The men's and Women's Mizuno Wave Rider 27 is perfect for neutral runners in need of support. This shoe utilizes advanced technologies, like its Enerzy foam cushioning system and the bio-based Wave plate to provide resilience with every step you take while still being lightweight at 280 grams or 9.9 ounces.

It offers both flexibility and responsiveness as these materials mold comfortably around your feet without sacrificing their durable qualities over time—making it an ideal choice among those searching for a smooth ride reliable running experience day after day!

All this makes the Mizuno Wave Rider 27 undeniably desirable amongst neutral supporters since they can rest assured that they’re receiving exceptional value from one simple purchase - thanks to all of its combination features such as dependable comfortability, efficient energy distribution and robustness guarantees lasting wear no matter what life throws at them during their runs!

How to Choose the Right Neutral Running Shoe

When selecting a neutral running shoe, performance and comfort can be increased by making sure it meets all the right requirements. Running-specific characteristics that should be assessed include cushioning levels, support stability, flexibility to react fast on feet movements as well as how comfortable they are when worn. This will ultimately ensure that the correct pair of best running shoes is chosen for your individual needs in order to get the most out of each run!

Cushioning Levels

Neutral running shoes with different levels of cushioning, such as traditional, moderate and maximum cushions, can help you get the most out of your run. It is essential to find a suitable level that best fits your needs. This will ensure optimal comfort while aiding in performance. A higher amount of shock absorption from the footwear reduces impact force on joints – decreasing possible injury risks. It may be detrimental when considering foot stability which contributes greatly to timing and motion control, finding balance between them should be highly considered by all runners wearing neutral running shoes.

Support and Stability

When searching for the ideal running shoes, it is vital to understand the difference between neutral and stability models. Neutral footwear aims at providing a mixture of cushioning, support and flexibility while stability options focus on supporting your feet in an optimal position so as to prevent overpronation or supination.

To make sure you get precisely what works best for you there are several things worth considering such as midsole thickness, preferred softness/firmness fit & feel plus gait style together with foot type specifics. Asking advice from experienced salespeople or podiatrists can be useful when deciding which balance of support-stability fits your needs perfectly. Try various types until you find one that suits all these requirements!

Flexibility and Responsiveness

The significance of having both flexibility and responsiveness in a neutral running shoe cannot be overstated as it allows the feet to move without restriction. This, coupled with proper gait formation, reduces potential for injuries while heightening comfortability during runs. For optimal performance when looking at such shoes you need to consider aspects like sole suppleness, lightweight building design, as well as heel-to-toe proportioning that encourages natural foot motion whilst making the shoe all round flexible too.

A responsive pair of trainers will yield vibrant feeling underfoot compared against one lacking sensitivity where numbness or stiffness may occur instead.

Fit and Comfort

When running, having a neutral shoe that fits your foot in comfort is very important to improve performance and minimize injury risk. Your arch type has an influence on the best fit for a neutral-running shoe. Those with low or high arches may need additional cushioning/support compared to those with normal arches. To make sure you get the perfect match of neutral shoes related to running surface, midsole shape, heel & forefoot support ,heel drop and gait style one should try them before purchase according their own preferences when it comes down into what makes for ideal comfort whilst wearing them . Good fitting leads towards prevention from injuries while promoting optimal results throughout each run along maintaining sustained levels of ease as well.(The paraphrased text are three paragraphs but slightly bigger than usual)

Neutral vs. Stability Running Shoes

Neutral running shoes offer a combination of cushioning, support and flexibility in contrast to stability running shoes which provide additional control over pronation or supination. Neutral footwear allows the foot to move freely without any specific direction while stable shoe or trainers aid with preventing inward movement providing steadier balance when you run.

Deciding on what type of shoe best suits your needs entails looking at your arch and foot shape, as well as analysing thickness level within the midsole plus ascertaining specialised requirements for backing up sustenance so it is wise consulting an experienced shop assistant or podiatrist who can assist finding equilibrium between comfort and strength suitable for all running requisites.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Neutral Running Shoes

Maximizing both performance and comfort of your neutral running shoes relies on preserving their life-span. To increase the longevity, follow these tips: firstly rotate between multiple pairs to give them some time off, next take a shoe horn when lacing up in order not to bend at the heel area, finally clean with mild soap rather than putting it into a machine wash or dryer which can cause serious damage. Instead use soft brush and cold water for cleaning along with letting them air out away from any direct heat sources.

By implementing such simple measures one can ensure that their neutral running shoes last longer while receiving all benefits they provide during runs!

When to Replace Your Neutral Running Shoes

It is essential to recognize the appropriate moment of changing out your neutral running shoes for peak performance and averting injuries. Common signs that it’s time for a replacement may include: wearing down in tread at the heel, wrinkles or creasing on midsoles, imbalanced wear patterns below and ache while running. An average set of these types of shoes should last between 300-500 miles before needing switch-out with factors such as weight or style impacting duration expectancy too.

Checking up routinely on condition status helps make certain enjoyable yet secure experience whilst going through one’s runs. Replacing them when needed being necessary doing so effectively .

How Neutral Running Shoes Benefit Different Types of Runners

For those with neutral or underpronated footstrikes, the use of neutral running shoes has a range of advantages. By evenly dispersing impact and reducing harm caused by over-rotation inwardly or outwardly when taking steps, these specific types of footwear can boost performance while diminishing injury risks for all kinds of runners.

Whether going out on an easy jog around town, to completing longer distance races like marathons. Selecting the best neutral running shoe could make huge differences in comfort levels as well as one’s overall performance. Specifically considered, popular neutral running shoes among numerous choices are favorable options that offer excellent cushioning along with support due to being void from unnecessary stability features which allows natural movement within feet upon each stride taken during activity.-


When it comes to selecting the optimal pair of neutral running shoes, having the right combination of cushioning levels and support for stability can make all the difference when it comes to performance, comfort, and minimizing injury risk. There are a variety of options available in 2023 that offer both novices and experienced runners just what they need. Ensuring maximum satisfaction from their footwear choice. By considering factors such as flexibility & responsiveness alongside fit & comfort you will be well on your way toward choosing among some of this year’s best neutral running shoe models.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a neutral running shoe?

A neutral running shoe is a type of runner’s footwear that provides cushion and absorbs impact while leaving the natural movement of your foot untouched. This kind of sneaker does not provide any extra stability as it typically features minimal or no built-in support for pronation. Neutral running shoes are usually lightweight compared to stability shoes, they make an ideal choice for those who have average to high arches on their feet when looking for new sports apparel.

Should I run in a neutral shoe?

If you lack pronation when your feet hit your toe off the ground, a neutral running shoe is ideal and provides enough support. This type of footwear will best accommodate those who do not have much in terms of pronation while they run.

What shoes are comparable to Brooks Ghost?

If it feels like you’re seeking a different option to the Brooks Ghost, look no further than running shoes such as New Balance 1080v10, Mizuno Wave Rider 24 and ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22. All of these provide excellent alternatives.

What is the opposite of neutral running shoes?

Stability shoes, which are the antithesis of neutral running shoes, are created to offer extra support for those with misalignment and overpronation issues while they’re out on a run. These specialised neutral support shoes act as corrective tools that provide better alignment than regular neutral running footwear.

What are the key differences between neutral and stability running shoes?

Neutral running shoes offer cushioning, support and flexibility while stability running shoes have a more reinforced structure to correct any excessive pronation or supination. Both of these types of footwear provide the benefits necessary for successful runs.

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