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Get Ready to Take the Field With the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2023

For a top-notch performance on the indoor soccer field, having an exemplary pair of shoes is imperative. Don't just settle for any old sneakers; take your pick from some seriously impressive indoor soccer footwear!

Get Ready to Take the Field With the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2023

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Feeling excited when you step onto the field in front of cheering fans is natural. Whether you're just starting or have been playing soccer for some time, it's important to have the right equipment to put your best foot forward. And when it comes down to it, having a reliable pair of indoor soccer shoes is one of the essential pieces in any player's kit.

But with so many models on the market, which ones are worth investing in? We've done our research and can safely say that these are the top five best indoor soccer shoes for 2023 – each designed for maximum performance, comfort, and style. So without further ado, let's dive into our selection of slick kicks that will have folks talking about more than just your skills—your style too.

How We Choose the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes?

When choosing indoor soccer shoes, there are several factors that you need to take into account. Here are some of the most important ones:


As with any other type of shoe, comfort is key. You don't want to be distracted by aching feet or blisters when playing the game. Consider investing in shoes with special cushioning, padding, and breathable material to keep you comfortable throughout the game.

Heel Support:

Whenever you play on hard surfaces, make sure that your feet are protected. Your body absorbs impact waves more effectively when an EVA cushion is located beneath the sole of your foot. By doing this, you will reduce the amount of damage done to your ankles and Achilles tendon.


Style is also an important factor when choosing a pair of shoes. You want to look your best and fit in with the latest trends in the field. Many shoes come in vibrant colors and flashy designs that will turn heads as you approach the pitch.


Indoor soccer requires swift and precise ball control to pass or shoot quickly. For this purpose, you will need a shoe that gives you enhanced precision while controlling the ball.

Lightweight Shoes:

Finding a lightweight shoe is essential for players who need speed and precision in their game. Look for shoes made of synthetic material that are lightweight and breathable, allowing your feet to move easily without feeling restricted. With a lightweight shoe, controlling the ball to show off all your skillful moves is easier.


You want a shoe with a good grip when looking for a shoe that will allow you to break the line and get past defenders. Look for shoes with tread designs that will help you gain traction off the ground and add more power to your play.

Ankle Support

If you prefer extra stability around your ankles, then various indoor soccer trainers with built-in ankle supports are available on the market today. These usually feature padded collars and ribbed ankle designs, which provide extra cushioning during sudden changes in direction or jumps. Thus, by buying shoes with ankle support, you can reduce the risk of injuries due to overexertion.

Now that you know some features to look out for when shopping for indoor soccer shoes, it's time to get your feet into a top-of-the-line pair. Discover our hand-picked selection of the best indoor soccer shoes for 2023.

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Our Picks: The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For 2023

Adidas Mundial Goal

Best For Comfort

Why It Made Our List:

The Adidas Mundial Goal is one of the best indoor soccer shoes, styled after the legendary Copa Mundia soccer boot. It's high-quality smooth leather upper provides excellent control when shooting and turning on the field. The split suede toe and heel add additional support during high-impact activities by spreading force equally across your feet.

For even more protection, it has a spongy EVA sole cushioning that absorbs shock and prevents potential damage to your heels and Achilles. On top of all this, it has an ultra-soft interior lining that ensures a comfortable fit without chafing or irritation.

All these features combined make the Adidas Mundial Goal ideal for serious players who demand full control and comfort from their footwear.

Everything You Need To Know:

Adidas Mundial Goal Indoor Soccer Shoes offer several remarkable benefits. These shoes' superior control will help you feel confident and stable on the field. With the special rubber outsole, you'll have a better grip on the ball, enabling you to make precise passes and powerful shots. These shoes won't slip on the ground since they come with a non-marking rubber sole designed for indoor pitches.

Moreover, your feet will be comfortably cushioned throughout any match as the interior is made from quality material that provides optimal cushioning. So, if you are looking for a pair of shoes offering premium comfort and control, the Adidas Mundial Goal should be your top choice.

PUMA Kings All-Around TT

Best For Defenders

Why It Made Our List:

The PUMA Kings All-Around TT is an OG design perfect for hard-hitting defenders. This cleat provides great control and support, offering superior player performance both indoors and on artificial pitches. Its leather upper allows for better accuracy when making or receiving passes, while its grippy and toothed sole gives you greater mobility when twisting and turning with the ball.

In addition, this classic shoe is particularly well suited to those with wide feet. The wider fit of the boot ensures adequate coverage and protection for your ankles and allows for more precise movements. The combination of PUMA's high-grade materials in the construction of this cleat gives you a secure footing allowing you to become dominant on the pitch.

Everything You Need To Know:

This soccer cleat is designed to take your game to the next level, perfect for aspiring defenders who want to achieve their full potential on the field. These shoes are perfect for any player looking for improved control over the ball. With these boots, you can make more accurate passes and shots and quicker moves on the pitch.

Additionally, the shoes have a wider fit, making them suitable for people with wide feet. The Tiempo X Genio II on artificial pitches ensures you remain balanced and don't slip. As a bonus, it also makes you look fancy - opponents won't expect all your dazzling footwork.

Adidas Nemeziz

The Best For Pulling Off Amazing Skill

Why It Made Our List:

The Adidas Nemeziz is the perfect choice for indoor soccer shoes, enabling you to easily perform amazing skills. It features a stylish and modern design, with its synthetic upper being lightweight and giving you great ball control. The shoe also provides your ankle with support from a secure strap-in system, allowing you to have better control of your movements on the field.

Not only does it offer great control and comfort, but it also provides excellent grip on any surface. Its flat sole is covered in contours allowing superior traction and helping you accelerate quickly without slipping or losing balance. This shoe is ideal for those looking for maximum performance when playing indoors, allowing them to take full advantage of their skill sets.

Everything You Need To Know:

These shoes have been endorsed by soccer legend Lionel Messi – who uses them himself – making them a reliable choice for anyone looking for an edge during their gameplay. With superior control, the boots provide the lightest touch when you apply pressure to the ball giving you complete command over it.

The internal cushioning and ergonomic tongue straps add another layer of comfort while at the same time locking your foot snugly into the boot so that you can perform tricks without worrying about slipping out. The embossed rubber sole gives a heightened sense of grip, allowing you to get underneath the ball easily and perform previously thought-impossible tricks. With Adidas Nemeziz, you can pull off tricks to make you stand out on the field.

Adidas Predator 20.3

The Best Trainer For Pinpoint Accuracy

Why It Made Our List:

The Predator 20.3 is one of the most iconic indoor shoes in history, renowned for its ability to provide a powerful, precise performance. The shoe features a coated mesh upper that is embossed at the instep of your foot to allow you to get better control when dribbling or passing the ball. The Predator also has an anatomically designed heel which adds even more stability and support to your foot as you make those crucial plays on the pitch. This ensures that you can always perform with maximum power and accuracy in front of the goal.

The unique lacing system of the Predator 20.3 offers great lockdown around your ankles and feet, allowing your feet to feel like an extension of your leg when playing indoor soccer. This makes it much easier for you to react quickly, which is ideal for anyone looking for quick-paced play. The boots also feature Adidas' signature boost midsole technology, giving you extra energy return for increased agility and quick turns on the court surface.

Everything You Need To Know:

These shoes are perfect for athletes who need maximum precision and control on the field. With its advanced technology, these trainers provide superior ankle support that locks your foot in place, enabling you to make those pinpoint accurate shots. Additionally, the lightweight design of these trainers reduces fatigue so that you can stay on your feet longer and play at your peak performance.

With these shoes, you can rest assured that your game will reach a new level of accuracy and precision. Furthermore, it also gives you greater confidence while playing as now you know that your every move is backed up by superior technology from Adidas.

Nike Tiempo X Genio II

Best Indoor Shoe For Control

Why It Made Our List:

The Nike Tiempo X Genio II Indoor Soccer Shoes perfectly combine style and performance. Modelled after the legendary boots worn by Brazil's Ronaldinho in the 1994 World Cup, these shoes feature a supple leather upper that wraps around your foot like a glove. The leather provides cushioning and support while remaining contoured to give you unmatched control when dribbling and passing.

The shoe's sole comprises rubber with EVA support for excellent grip on indoor surfaces, so you never have to worry about slipping during play. In addition, the laces ensure your feet are securely enclosed inside the shoe for maximum comfort and stability. With its iconic swoosh logo and timeless design, these shoes make you look great while playing your best soccer indoors.

Everything You Need To Know:

This is the perfect indoor shoe for football players looking to get better control over the ball. Its lightweight synthetic leather upper wraps around the foot with an excellent fit, allowing you to make fast and precise movements while running on the court.

Additionally, its low-profile design gives you a better feel of the ball and ensures maximum comfort with every movement. Imagine scoring that winning goal and hearing the crowd roar in celebration – it's incredible! With added cushioning in the midsole, you can immerse yourself in the game and feel like you're a part of something bigger. Get ready to take control with Nike Tiempo X Genio II and experience football at its best.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Do Indoor Soccer Shoes Last?

Indoor soccer cleats are designed to last for at least one season of play, but they can last much longer with proper care. To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your cleats, it's important to wear them on the surface for which they were designed.

How Tight Should Indoor Soccer Shoes Be?

Your indoor soccer cleat should fit as closely as possible around the end of your foot without constricting your toes. A gap of 1/4 to 1/2 inch is generally recommended to provide enough space for your feet while still allowing you a snug fit. Every 1/2 size will yield about 3/16 inches of length.

What Are Indoor Soccer Shoes Used For?

The specialized design of these cleats enables players to make quick movements and sharp turns without losing their footing, making them an essential choice for competitive futsal or indoor soccer play.

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes on Artificial Turf?

It is not recommended to soccer players to wear indoor soccer shoes on artificial turf, as their outsole is not designed to handle the rough rubber carpets found on most sports fields. The rubber 'studs' of turf shoes provide grip and traction for the surface of artificial turf, making them a much better option.

Are Indoor Soccer Shoes Good For Wide Feet?

Yes, most indoor soccer cleats are designed to accommodate wider feet and those with high arches or other foot shapes. Finding a pair that fits your foot comfortably and securely is important to ensure optimal performance.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Cleats?

Indoor soccer shoes are designed to provide maximum grip and agility on indoor surfaces, whereas outdoor soccer cleats feature studs or blades for increased stability and traction on grass fields.

Can You Wash Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Yes, you can wash indoor soccer shoes. To do this:

  1. Use mild laundry detergent to place them in a pillowcase and machine-wash them in cold or delicate settings.
  2. Allow the cleats to air dry indoors and ensure they are completely dry before storing them in a breathable bag.
  3. Do not attempt to dry your cleats with a hair dryer or machine dryer or expose them to direct sunlight, as this may cause damage to the material.

Do Indoor Soccer Shoes Need to Breathe?

Yes, all shoes must be aired out regularly to keep the material nourished and free of odours. Fresh air will help facilitate drying after each wear and maintain your shoes' suppleness and overall quality.

Which Brand of Indoor Soccer Shoes is the Best?

There are many excellent brands of indoor soccer shoes available. It is important to choose a quality pair that will offer support, flexibility, comfort, and durability. Popular brands include Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Under Armour. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and needs when choosing the best indoor soccer shoes.

How Do You Break In Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Breaking in a new pair of indoor soccer shoes is essential for optimal performance. To do this, wear them around the house without any socks to allow your feet to get used to the fit and shape of the shoe. Once you feel comfortable with them, wear them on short jogs or walks to break them in further.

Conclusion - Best Indoor Soccer Shoe of 2023

Indoor soccer shoes are specialized pieces of footwear designed to provide maximum grip and agility on indoor surfaces. They must fit securely and comfortably, as even the slightest gap in size can result in an uncomfortable fit. Choosing a quality pair that will offer support, flexibility, comfort, and durability is important.

Above are the top 5 best indoor soccer shoes for 2023 and some useful tips to help you find the right pair of shoes that fit your needs and style. So, get ready to take the field with the best indoor soccer shoes and make every move count.

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