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3 Best BMX Shoes for Cruising, Riding and BMX Tricks!

The best BMX shoes are durable, comfortable, and designed to provide maximum performance. Look for features like a low-profile design, good grip, and breathability to get the most out of your ride.

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Do you want the ultimate shoe for BMX riding? Whether you’re a professional rider, an enthusiast looking to up their game, or even someone who likes their bike tricks with style, having good shoes is a must.

After all, when it comes to nailing those big jumps and flips, it takes more than strength and agility – it also requires the right gear. We know what shoes work best on any terrain while supporting your ankles through grueling treks.

That's why we've put together this comprehensive buying guide, highlighting some of the best BMX shoes available today so that you can decide which will be your go-to ride!

How We Choose the Best BMX Shoe

We have evaluated dozens of BMX shoes to develop a comprehensive list of the best picks. Our criteria for selection included the following:

• Durability – A good BMX shoe should withstand the demands of hard landings and rough terrain.

• Comfort – Comfort is a must when it comes to riding, and you must ensure that your shoes will keep you comfortable for long rides.

• Support – The shoe must provide good ankle support, vital when performing tricks and jumps.

• Style – We know you want to look and pedal feel cool while riding, so we also looked at the style of the shoes.

• Price – We want to ensure you can get great value for your money.

These are the four key features and factors we considered when selecting the best BMX shoes.

With detailed and rigorous research, we provide our readers with the finest recommendations. Our recommendations are our opinions. Our cause is backed by reader support- for every click made through one of our affiliates links, a commission may be earned at no extra expense to you! As an Amazon Associate, Reviewsopedia may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you and enjoy!

DC Pure Casual Low Skate Shoe

DC mens Pure Skate Shoe

DC Men's Pure Casual Low, Top Lace Up Skate Shoe Sneaker, is the perfect choice for a dependable and stylish skate shoe that doubles as best bmx shoes. With their lightweight padding, supportive upper construction, and cupsole design, these skate shoes will provide grip and top-of-the-line comfort while skating or riding on a dirt trac


Why They Made Our List

The DC Men's Pure Casual Low, Top Lace Up Skate Shoe Sneaker, is one of the most popular skate shoes on the market because it offers superior comfort, style, and performance. The lightweight construction and padded tongue and collar provide all-day comfort and excellent foot and ankle protection while skating.

Its upper construction is made of leather, nubuck, or suede combined with the DC logo for a classic and timeless style. The cupsole design allows reliable support at the skatepark or on your feet all day.

How They Can Help You Ride BMX

DC Men's Pure Casual Low, Top Lace Up Skate Shoe Sneaker, is one of the best BMX shoes you can get. Whether you're an experienced skateboarder or just starting, these shoes offer superior comfort and support to help you stay on top of your game.

The lightweight construction, padded tongue, and collar allow for all-day comfort when you're out shredding up the street or at the skatepark. The upper construction of these shoes is made from leather, nubuck, or suede with the DC logo for a timeless style.

The cupsole design provides additional foot and ankle support while you are on your feet. Additionally, the ventilation holes allow your feet to breathe while you are out and about skateboarding or just hanging out with friends.

The rubber sole ensures that it will hold up against wear and tear, and you can rely on them to last for a long time, even after extensive use. Finally, the DC Men's Pure Casual Low Top Lace Up Skate Shoe Sneaker is available in various colors and materials to find the perfect pair for your style.

Whether you want something sleek, cool, modern, bold, or unique, these shoes have everything.

Etnies Fader 2

Etnies mens Fader 2 Skate Shoe

The Etnies Fader 2 Skate Shoe is best for skateboarders and BMX riders looking for a shoe that offers all-day comfort, cushioning, protection and good grip


Why They Made Our List

The Etnies Fader 2 Skate Shoe made our list because it is designed to provide skaters with the support and protection they need for a long day of skateboarding. It features a textile upper with elastic heel support for convertible drop-top access, a foam lite 1 insole, an STI Evolution Foam midsole and outsole, and a fully lined lycra spandex interior for added comfort and cushioning.

The shoe also features a rubber sole for increased traction and grip and metal eyelets for additional durability. In addition, the lace-up style of the shoe ensures that it stays in place when skating, offering skaters the protection they need all day long.

This makes the Etnies Fader 2 Skate Shoe a great choice for skateboarders looking for a reliable and comfortable shoe.

How They Can Help You Ride BMX

The Etnies Fader 2 Skate Shoe is the perfect choice for skateboarders looking for a reliable, comfortable shoe that offers all-day protection.

Benefits of this shoe include a textile upper with elastic heel support for convertible drop-top access, foam lite one insole for cushioning and comfort, STI Evolution Foam midsole and outsole for added support and traction, plus a rubber sole with metal eyelets to provide additional durability.

The lace-up style ensures the shoe stays secure when skating, while the fully lined lycra spandex interior provides added comfort. This makes the Etnies Fader 2 Skate Shoe an ideal choice for skateboarders seeking superior protection and cushioning on the board.

Five Ten Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten Sleuth Bike Shoe Men's

Amongst BMX riders, Five Ten Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoes are highly sought after for their unbeatable combination of comfort, grip, and performance. This versatile footwear is designed to keep your feet supported and secure while riding on the streets, in the park or on the dirt trac


Why They Made Our List

The Five Ten Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoes are a top choice for BMX riders worldwide for their superior comfort and performance. These shoes feature an EVA midsole that provides extra cushioning to ensure feet stay comfortable on long rides, while the rubber sole ensures an excellent grip and traction when riding dirt or street.

The Sleuths are also constructed with 25% recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly option for riders who care about the environment. Besides the high level of comfort and performance these shoes provide, they also boast features that make them stand out from other most BMX shoes.

The Five Ten Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoes are designed with a Velcro strap closure system that provides extra support and stability. Additionally, the shoes feature an adjustable toe box to customize the fit and overall comfort for maximum comfort.

Finally, the Five Ten Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoes are made in the USA or imported, proving their superior quality. With a combination of comfort, performance, and eco-friendly design, these shoes are undoubtedly one of the best BMX mountain biking shoes out on the market today!

They easily made our list as the top choice of best shoes for BMX riders who want style, performance, and durability. You can confidently ride BMX shoes, knowing you’re wearing the best.

How They Can Help You Ride BMX

Five Ten Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoes Men's are a top choice of best shoes for BMX riders who demand comfort, performance, and style. Constructed with high-quality materials that provide superior cushioning and traction, these shoes will support and secure your feet while riding on the trails or streets.

Benefits of the Five Ten Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoes Men include an EVA midsole that offers a cushioning effect and a rubber sole for excellent traction. The adjustable toe box allows you to customize the fit, while the Velcro strap closure system low top shoe adds extra support and stability.

Additionally, 25% of the components used to make the upper are made with a minimum of 50% recycled content, making them an eco-friendly option.

Regarding style, the Sleuths come in various colors and designs, allowing you to find something that works best for your personal taste and riding style. The shoes boast a modern aesthetic with eye-catching details, such as reflective accents that give


Why do BMX riders wear Vans?

BMX- Vans shoes have become one of the top choices for BMX riders due to their superior durability and comfort. Combining a canvas upper with a rubber sole makes them sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of riding yet still lightweight enough for added mobility.

What do BMX riders wear?

The most popular clothing item for BMX riders is a pair of jeans. Jeans protect the rider’s legs as an extra layer against scrapes and bruises while allowing them to stay comfortable at any temperature.

Who made BMX famous?

BMX has been around since the 1970s, but it wasn't until the 1980s when it really gained popularity. Many credit BMX legend Bob Haro for making BMX famous. He was a professional freestyle rider and innovator who popularized the sport with his signature moves and stunts. His influence on the sport was so great that he was inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame in 1993.

Today, BMX is still popular among riders of all ages, from young kids to adults. It's a great way to stay active and have fun while doing it!

What is the top speed of BMX?

The top speed of a BMX bike is determined by the rider’s experience level, along with the terrain they are riding on. The average speed for an experienced BMX rider is around 30-35 mph, although some riders have been recorded to reach speeds much higher than that.

What country invented BMX?

The origins of BMX can be traced back to the United States, with the first official race taking place in California in 1972. Since then, it has grown exponentially and is a well-recognized sport worldwide.

What are the best BMX shoes?

When buying shoes for BMX riding, comfort and durability should be your top priorities. Vans are one of the most popular choices among BMX riders due to their superior level of comfort and protection. Other great options include DC Shoes, Nike SB, Etnies, and Adidas Skateboarding shoes.

What country is BMX popular in?

BMX is popular in many countries, especially those with skateboarding culture. The United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe are some of the most well-known places for BMX riders to gather and compete in competitions. Italy also recently held its first BMX championship in 2018!

What is BMX's full form?

The full form of BMX is "Bicycle Motocross," a type of racing involving a specialized bicycle on an obstacle course. It usually occurs in an empty lot, dirt track, or skatepark and involves riders competing against one another for the best time.

How is BMX Shoe different from MTB shoe?

New BMX shoes are specifically designed for the unique needs of BMX riding, focusing on durability and good grip on. Their tread pattern is usually more aggressive than MTB shoes to provide better traction when doing tricks or jumps.

At what age can you start BMX?

Riders of any age can enjoy BMX, although it is generally recommended that children wait until they are at least 8 years old before attempting any stunt.


Overall, having a perfect balance and a good pair of BMX shoes is essential for any rider to stay safe and in control while riding bmx or taking the trails. We hope this guide has helped illuminate some of the best options. As thousands of BMX riders have found, your pedal game can only get really good when you invest in quality riding shoes. With the right footwear, you’ll be able to reach peaks that you never thought were possible.

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